jon moxley enters rehab
source: custom, TWSN twitter screenshot

Not that it was needed, but for proof that wrestling stars have real issues too, Jon Moxley enters rehab. Also, plans for the upcoming AEW special Battle of the Belts gets discussed.

Jon Moxley Enters Rehab

Everyone has their demons, and now one major star is taking the steps to tackle his. It was announced that Jon Moxley enters rehab to work on alcohol abuse issues.

Per the news report, Moxley will be entering an inpatient facility.

The first step is recognizing you have an issue and that you need help to deal with it. It would appear that the former AEW Champion has taken those steps and will hopefully succeed.

Moxley has been one of the bigger stars in all of wrestling for quite some time now. 

jon moxley enters rehab

source: custom, TWSN twitter screenshot

As everyone knows, he rose to prominence as a member of WWE’s Shield faction, before ultimately letting his contract run out.

From there, he became the first major (recent) WWE Superstar to move on to AEW. He has held titles around the globe and is known for his all out style of working matches.

Some of his recent work include some insane gimmick matches-some working better than others.

Basically, all of that travel and the grind can wear on a wrestler, and it seems Moxley used alcohol to cope. 

Now that he is working to get help and conquer this current opponent, we wish Jon Moxley the best.

Plans For AEW Battle Of The Belts Discussed

The company is fond of old ideas being repurposed, so lets hear about the plans for AEW’s Battle of the Belts get discussed.

First, let us start with the obvious.

This special is effectively an homage to the old WCW mainstay Clash of Champions.

The first Battle of the Belts is planned for January of 2022.

Per the Wrestling Observer, the belief is that the special on TNT should clock in at about an hour.

The motivation for Battle of the Belts? Seemingly, AEW aims to have a PPV level event on regular television.

So, that premise is effectively similar to what WCW used to deliver with it’s Clash of Champions specials. 

aew battle for the belts

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For those, viewers got a more loaded card and effectively ramped up production effort versus a typical television taping.

It will be interesting to see how that factors in to how Battle of the Belts comes together.

Of course, WWE owns the naming rights to Clash, as they own most other former WCW event names. So, many are now being used in NXT (like Bash and Halloween Havoc).

It will be worth seeing how AEW makes Battle of the Belts distinctly different from Dynamite or Rampage.

One could say that with the advent of the bigger budget efforts of WCW Nitro and Thunder, along with WWE RAW and SmackDown, there is not nearly as big a difference in production between weekly TV and a PPV.

The major differences now seem to be card quality (sometimes) and, for the bigger PPVs, the actual set or stage.

Therefore, with an expected run time of about an hour, that likely means only two or three strong matches. Cannot wait to see which matches end up on that card.

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