roman reigns exit strategy
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The Head of the Table has been at the top, but there is one major looming question, and I have an interesting response. When will the titles change hands…and here’s Roman Reigns and a crazy exit strategy.

Stay with me friends, this should be good. Or perhaps it is an absolutely crazy idea.

But, I did warn you up front, we are talking Roman Reigns and a possibly crazy exit strategy. So, who knows.

That said, while it might be a crazy exit strategy…it could be quite monumental and fitting too.

When Titles Change Hands: Roman Reigns And A Crazy Exit Strategy

As a champion is crowned, one thing is sometimes pondered. That is…how, and when, will their reign end.

And of course…by whom.

Roman Reigns has held his titles for quite some time.

He became Universal Champion back in 2020. Yes, he is closing in on a full two years holding on to that belt, should he clear SummerSlam.

Then, because that wasn’t enough, he grabbed the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

He has been the most dominant, longest reigning champion most of us have ever seen.

Seriously, his reign now is in the history books, though it is not the longest.

The length of his reign approaches 700 days, but those history buffs among us know that there are a few reigns that eclipsed 1000 days.

Or, if you are doing the math…over three years.

Could we see Roman Reigns hold on to both belts for another year? Or, at least one of them?


There are a couple scenarios to consider, because as with all other champions, this reign will also end at some point.

So, when will the titles change hands? Or how?

roman reigns exit strategy

source: @wweromanreigns, twitter, screenshot

Option 1: Reigns surrenders the WWE Championship

As in, he drops one, keeps the other.

Honestly, this feels unlikely to me. Like, I can’t wrap my head around how WWE explains Reigns dropping one title but not both.

And, if I were a Superstar…say, the Superstar who pinned Reigns? I’d want both, since I did just pin the man who held both.

As much as WWE often suspends logic for story lines…this one is a stretch. I don’t see them setting up a match where only one of the belts is at risk.

The only caveat here? Survivor Series, lately, has done the champion versus champion matches.

With Reigns now holding both the RAW and SmackDown titles…that match would be off the tables.

Easily remedied, of course. Could have a title match, could have Reigns with a day off, could have The Bloodline take part in a 4 on 4 Survivor Series match.

They have options, but I doubt how they book this PPV weighs into things.

Option 2: Reigns drops the belts at SummerSlam

This one feels like a long shot, but it’s got to be said. We have a Last Man Standing match, hyped up to be brutal.

MITB winner Theory has already said he’s watching and waiting, possibly cashing in.

But would WWE really have him cash in and win both belts? I know he’s Vince’s current favorite Superstar…but that seems a bit much.

roman reigns exit strategy

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So, here’s where that crazy exit strategy comes into play.

Option 3: Roman Reigns retires as champion

See, I told you this was a crazy exit strategy.

But…it might not be that crazy.

Right before Brock Lesnar surprised the Tribal Chief and returned to set up SummerSlam, Reigns was cutting a big promo.

Specifically, he was reminding folks that he came back 2 years ago and said his plan was to wreck everyone and leave.

And, he’s wrecked everyone. There’s no one left.

Now, there might be a few, and perhaps even some worthwhile.

But…are any of them worth taking Roman Reigns down?

His run is, quite literally, historic. Whomever defeats him, it needs to mean a lot for that Superstar.

Some could say that this would be the win for Theory, giving him a babyface turn in the process.

source: @wweromanreigns, twitter, screenshot

It could perhaps launch Drew McIntyre to a new level, or Bobby Lashley, if WWE wanted to do that too.

But…what if, just what if, Reigns decided he’d done everything, beaten everyone, and was done?

Reigns comes out and retires as the undisputed WWE Universal Champion…and fades away.

This does a couple things.

First, the immediate response from WWE: title tournaments.

Could let each brand decide how to crown their champions once again. Or, maybe do dueling Kings of the Ring, one each to crown a new WWE and Universal Champion.

No messy “how do we un-unify the belts” or anything.

Second, it really solidifies Reigns’ spot in history, no matter how many days he’s at on his run when he retires.

This gives Reigns time away, for however long he might want it. Reigns wants time for Hollywood, or family, or just off?


And, if and when Vince McMahon calls him to come back, there is a ready-made match or two for him. He can come back, hold up both belts, and remind the world that he was never beaten for the gold and is still the champion.

roman reigns exit strategy

source: @wweromanreigns, twitter, screenshot

I mean, it’s all talk and all…but I bet Roman Reigns and that crazy exit strategy isn’t the craziest idea in the world.

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