Brock Lesnar Return Details
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After a surprise appearance, here are the latest Brock Lesnar return details. And, WWE looks to have big plans for Cody Rhodes’ return.

Brock Lesnar Return Details

At first, Friday’s SmackDown seemed like another episode on paper. Then, Vince McMahon and his hush-money deal broke.

Not much later, Vince stepped down from as WWE CEO and was replaced by his daughter, Stephanie McMahon.

The announcement was somewhat shocking, but the decision by Stephanie to return really surprised many. Only weeks earlier, she took a hiatus to deal with personal matters.

Some believed she would not return to WWE. Let alone be back so quickly and in a top position.

Finally, we get to SmackDown and Vince decides to address the crowd. He never mentioned the accusations against him and instead he welcomed everyone to enjoy the entertainment.

That moment felt flat to fans, but WWE had another surprise planned. That is because Randy Orton might miss the rest of 2022 with a back injury.

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE and offered to shake the hand of Roman Reigns. Quickly, Lesnar nailed the champion with an F5.

The Usos headed out to help their uncle and they were easily tossed around the ring.

Fightful Select reports the two will continue their feud that has lasted about seven years now. Most recently, Reigns defeated Lesnar in the main event o WrestleMania 38.

The were planned to meet again, but not right away. With Orton likely unable to compete, WWE began the process of brining Lesnar in about three weeks ago.

When the show started, Lesnar was not featured on the internal rundown,. Although, he did arrive to the building in secrecy about 5 PM EST.

Basically, Lesnar’s return had nothing to do with Vince’s problem. It was simply needing someone with star power to replace Orton for the July 31 card.

WWE’s Idea For Cody Rhodes’ Return

Brock Lesnar Return Details

Source: @bernardomayne, Twitter, Screenshot

Cody Rhodes is back in WWE and it seems they are positioning him him to be the top babyface on RAW. So far, he is undefeated and that includes three amazing wins against Seth Rollins.

Right before Hell in a Cell, Rhodes tore his pectoral muscle off the bone. Despite the pain and gruesome look, Rhodes still wrestled and won.

Now, he is looking at around six to nine months of recovery after surgery. Already, WWE is planning for his return.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted how the belief is Rhodes will be ready by January’s Royal Rumble.

The timing could easily see Rhodes return and win a guaranteed title shot at WrestleMania. Also, it was mentioned how WWE has been filming all of Rhodes surgery and rehab.

It seems like WWE is going to make his return a huge deal. It sounds like the company wants something similar to Triple H in 2002.

After a lengthy time away and tons of hype videos, he returned at Madison Square Garden. To this day, it remains one of the loudest pops in WWE history.

If that is the direction WWE is headed, it is great news for Rhodes. Only weeks after returning, Triple H won the Royal Rumble and then the title.

The injury is awful timing for Rhodes, but WWE can use this to elevate him to become a mega star. 2023 already looks like the biggest and best year in Rhodes’ career.