roman reigns both belts
source @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Now that we haven’t seen him in a while, fans might be wondering…why Roman Reigns has both big belts…and we have some answers. And, this will shock you, but we have another Tessa Blanchard clash to tell you about.

Why Roman Reigns Has Both Belts

With the top of the card kind of missing something, we are wondering why Roman Reigns has both big belts.

And now, we have a bit of an answer…and it is as obvious as you might have expected.

The answer comes to us courtesy of WrestleVotes.

So, there you have it.

Not unlike why his cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso, have become the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions.

They’ve been all over RAW and SmackDown.

Roman Reigns…not so much.

roman reigns both belts

source @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Anyone who has been paying attention knows we have not seen Reigns much at all of late.

We are due to see him this Friday on SmackDown, defending the titles against Riddle.

However, we did not see him at Hell In A Cell. At Backlash, he was in a tag match.

Put another way…Roman Reigns has not yet defended the titles. His last match with a title on the line was the unification bout at WrestleMania.

And, there’s talk that Reigns is not going to have a match at the upcoming Money In The Bank.

While there is time for him to be added…there’s been no buzz about a possible match thus far.

Which means we might not see much of Reigns again, after Friday, until SummerSlam.

All of this, of course, makes the decision to unify the belts all the more puzzling.

I mean…you want him on both shows, you make him the unified champion. Then you re-structure his deal and let him work…less shows.

And…he is another Superstar who used to knock Brock Lesnar’s absentee title reigns…and he’s basically doing the same (or even worse).

Another Tessa Blanchard Clash

This might surprise you, but we have another Tessa Blanchard clash to talk about.

Yes, that was just a little bit of sarcasm.

Blanchard, of course, has a bit of a track record for clashing with co-workers backstage.

Now, we can add another.

According to Brad Shepard, Tessa Blanchard clashed with a number of talents within the new Women Of Wrestling promotion.

Clashed so much that at first, Blanchard was suspended from the promotion.

But, given what had transpired, along with her history, a suspension was not enough.

roman reigns both belts

source @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

According to the report, a number of other talents working with WOW effectively said if Blanchard was still there, they would not be.

One clash in particular that went down was between Blanchard and AJ Lee…and that didn’t sit well.

And, as such…Tessa Blanchard is said to no longer be a part of WOW.

The release is another negative against her. It’s truly baffling.

From a talent perspective, Blanchard is one of the best wrestlers on the planet.

However, when you bring her attitude and interaction into it, she’s one of the ones that no one seems to want to work with.

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