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WrestleMania 38 is in the rearview. And what a fun weekend it was! (check out our recaps here and here). The two-night stupendous extravaganza ended some storylines while creating a host of new ones. 

We have many good questions about the path forward for some of WWE’s superstars. Let’s examine them. 

Who Will Challenge Roman Reigns?

Last night, Roman Reigns conquered Brock Lesnar to become the undisputed Unified WWE Champion. And while there is a slight worry that Roman injured himself, the question is; who is next for Roman Reigns? 

Many observers are pointing to Lashley, who convincingly put away at game Omos on Night Two. Other possibilities include Drew McIntyre, Edge, and maybe Cody Rhodes. Speaking of the American Nightmare…

What’s Next For Cody Rhodes? 

Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE stole the thunder of the weekend. The former AEW founder stormed back to WWE with what many thought of as the match of the event against Seth Rollins.

It is expected that Rhodes will be on Raw tonight and will have a mic to share his thoughts. As for what he will do? A rematch with Seth Rollins certainly makes sense, but don’t be surprised if Rhodes launches himself into a title picture reasonably quickly. 

Is The Miz A Good Guy?

Logan Paul took the wrestling world by surprise with his star-turning performance with The Miz as they faced off against the Mysterioes. The moment ended with Miz double-crossing Paul. Now, does this mean The Miz is now a good guy? That seems to make the most sense. It would not make sense to make Logan Paul, one of the most hated people on the planet, a babyface. I feel we will see Miz and Paul again soon, perhaps as soon as tonight on RAW?

What Will Edge Do With Damien Priest?

Edge seems to have taken on the mantel of the Undertaker as the Rated R Superstar embraces his dark side. Edge won against Styles thanks to the interference from fellow giant goth dude Damien Priest.

There are rumors that Edge is creating his Brood-Esque faction, and Priest will be the first member. My only problem is that Priest seemed to do fine on his own, so I don’t know what working with Edge will get him. 

When Will Gable Steveson Make His Debut? 

The Olympic gold medalist technically made an in-ring debut on Night Two of WrestleMania when he suplexed Chad Gable clear across the ring. Steveson is signed to the RAW brand, and there’s speculation he may make his debut in an actual match tonight, perhaps against the other Gable. That being said, Gable S. should go to NXT to get a bit of polish and experience before he comes on the main roster.

What do you think about the direction for WWE Post-WrestleMania? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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