WWE McMahon Family Drama
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Each family out there has some sort of drama, and the McMahons are no exception to this rule. During a recent interview, WWE ref Mike Chioda revealed some longtime friction between Triple H and Shane McMahon.

The McMahon Family Drama

During his Monday Mailbag with Mike on AdFreeShows.com, Chioda was questioned about the McMahons and the relationship between family members. The WWE referee revealed the reality of the situation, and it’s not a pretty one.

He was also asked if anyone told HHH dating Vince’s daughter was a bad idea. It turns out that some did tell Hunter that back in the day, and it was Shane.

According to Chioda, Shane advised HHH against dating his sister before the relationship started. This is apparently why Shane had a falling out with the WWE 10 years ago.

Chioda notes that Vince Sr. had a policy where they didn’t want anyone from the family dating talent. McMahon Sr. didn’t want them to take bumps, and this didn’t end up happening.

Still, Trips and Shane did have a falling out for some years. This is also why Vince’s son left the company for 10 years.

As per Mike, Shane is not at “the top of the list” within the company. During the interview, Chioda made it clear that he doesn’t know where Vince’s son lands within WWE’s corporate ladder.

Although, Mike believes Shane should be a the top of it. He also notes that it “gets more interesting”.

More On The McMahon Family

Mike Chioda goes on to say when he started working with the WWE it was Vince, Linda, Stephanie, and Shane. Now it all is “broken” apart.

The referee goes on to say that “all the money world” will not be able to fix this. While he notes that the family is still doing very well financially, they are “torn” apart.

During the interview, it was noted that HHH won’t likely ever compete in that squared circle again. His cardiac event was quite serious.

Over in the land of AEW, another duo seems to be parting ways. Although, unlike Trips and Shane, this is all just on-camera storyline stuff.

Longtime AEW Duo Splitting Up

Since Wardlow’s AEW debut, he’s always been by MJF’s side. Like an enforcer or bodyguard.

WWE McMahon Family Drama

Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

Wardlow has so much potential to branch out on his own. Plus, AEW has been hinting that the superstar could turn on MJF.

Wardlow chatted about his current AEW status on Busted Open Radio. He also hinted at leaving the duo at some point in the future.

Their Partnership Is Only Business – And Not Forever

He emphasizes that he and MJF only have a business partnership, and this partnership isn’t forever. Wardlow adds that with the way he (MJF) treats people, everyone will have to wait and see what the future holds.

If MJF continues to treat Wardlow the way he has on Dynamite, there’s a good chance the superstar could turn on him. With that said, AEW fans will have to wait and see when that will happen.