WWE Interested In MJF
Source: The Macho Beard, Twitter, Screenshot

According to a report, the WWE is interested in MJF. In fact, the company’s television partners USA Network and FOX would also like to see the AEW star signed. More details are below.

WWE Interested In MJF

As per Mat Men Radio’s Andrew Zarian, it’s MJF’s feud with CM Punk that has brought this interest and attention on. In fact, the AEW superstar responded to a post about Andrew’s report.

As seen in the above tweet, MJF indicated his AEW deal is up in two years. Therefore teasing a “bidding war” in 2024.

Zarian notes that a “reliable” network source commented recently on the Punk-MJF promo segment that took place on Dynamite, November 17th. As Andrew reveals the network source states that he stopped what he was doing to listen.

The network source states he hasn’t done that in a very long time. There has been an interest in MJF from WWE in the past, but it’s hit an all-time high.

WWE and TV Partners Interested In MJF

As per a WWE source, MJF has everything that the company wants. It just depends on whether or not he could be that person on WWE television.

MJF entered AEW in 2019. Since then, he’s grown and evolved to be an incredible talent with a bright future ahead.

Meanwhile, on another news topic, wrestling fans have always been a little wild, but what’s been going on lately? First, Seth Rollins get attacked on Monday Night RAW … now AEW Dynamite backstage is invaded?

AEW Stars Eject Fan From Dynamite Backstage

Security at wrestling events is on top of mind recently. While the WWE has had a fair share of fans storming the entrance and ring over the years, AEW recently experienced something, too.

WWE Interested In MJF

Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

During some AEW Rampage and Dynamite tapings at New York’s UBS Arena, a fan was able to walk into the backstage area. This was apparently due to a breach in security.

As per a Fightful Select report, the person walked into the locker room area and sat in a seat designated for AEW star Dax Harwood. He was asked to move and went to another seat.

The fan stated he was an extra. He then moved on to another seat designated to The Blade.

The talent felt as if something was off about the “extra”. They proceeded to inquire about who trained him.

The fan stated he learned under Jeff Hardy. However, Hardy isn’t a trainer.

MJF and Dax Harwood To The Rescue!

That information was a big clue that something wasn’t right. As they continued to question the fan, he was applying his Jeff Hardy armbands.

The individual also couldn’t confirm who booked him as an extra. Dax Harwood and MJF quickly ejected the person from the locker room area.

It was revealed that the person was a fan that had also been removed from a Boston AEW show in October. He also claimed to be Taz’s friend, which was not true.

This was a huge error made by the security team. While everything ended up being okay in the end, this may not have been the case when all was said and done.

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