update on triple h
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The former man in charge of NXT has been out of work due to a heart issue, but we now have an update on Triple H. And, were AEW stars injured at Full Gear on Saturday?

Update On Triple H 

After a significant health scare, we have an update on Triple H.

The update comes to us via Bruce Prichard. Specifically, via his podcast.

Per Prichard, the update on Triple H certainly seems positive.

As he put it, Triple H is coming along and doing what he needs to do to get better.

That said, there was still no indication of when Triple H would return.

update on triple h

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What we do know is, whenever Vince McMahon’s son-in-law does return, it will be to a very different looking NXT.

Just around the time when Hunter suffered his cardiac issue, rumblings of a major NXT revamp were rampant.

Since that time, we now call the 3rd brand NXT 2.0. A number of talents have been released, while there are plenty of new faces to go around.

Of course, at this point we don’t even really know if Triple H would even return to his same NXT role.

Even before his scare, Hunter had been effectively blamed for NXT losing to AEW on Wednesdays.

Vince McMahon was determined to take over and take things in a whole different direction…which has happened.

We eagerly await Hunter’s return to his work, and it will be very interesting to see what roles and responsibilities are still his at that time.

Were AEW Stars Injured At Full Gear?

Saturday was the company’s latest PPV, but were AEW stars injured at Full Gear?

It is a fair question. After all, professional wrestling is a physical activity with risks.

Injuries happen all the time. Pressure is on during a PPV like Full Gear, too.

So were AEW stars injured? It seems the answer is yes.

In this case, two in particular are said to have been injured at Full Gear.

were aew stars injured at full gear

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Those two would be Eddie Kingston and Malaki Black.

A report via PWInsider indicates that the two AEW stars could have been injured at Full Gear.

Both men were previously scheduled for a convention on Sunday in New York.

The report indicated that both stars missed the engagement, citing injuries suffered at Full Gear.

Injuries are an unfortunate part of the business, so to hear of a couple stars banged up following a big show is not stunning.

Kingston had a brawl against CM Punk, so both men are no doubt a bit sore afterwards.

Likewise, Malaki Black was part of a physical tag match. While no injury was specified for Black, being banged up is not hard to imagine.

Of course, it is also never impossible to imagine that the stars were beat up, but also just didn’t want to make the quick turnaround from Minnesota to New York.

Nothing else has been said thus far, so whatever injuries they may have, they may not miss much ring action. Or, they might miss none at all.