Triple H Possibly Retired
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After his cardiac moment, there is talk that Triple H has possibly retired from in-ring competition. Also, after ROH’s Final Battle, The Briscoes seem to be AEW bound.

Triple H Possibly Retired From In-Ring Action

Triple H has accomplished so much in WWE, both on the screen and backstage. Unfortunately, he he suffered a cardiac event that is rumored to have been very bad.

The topic came up about Triple H returning inside the ring. From what Dave Meltzer understands, he thinks “The Game” is retired from in-ring competition.

He noted that a few names might entice Triple H to step inside the ring again. He named Edge, Goldberg and Shane McMahon as possible opponents. 

Due to his longevity, he has already feuded with those names. Although, WWE is known to repeat feuds over and over again.

Triple H has been spotted since the medical emergency. Still, NXT 2.0 is currently being run by Shawn Michaels and a few other names.

If you do not count the unsanctioned match with Randy Orton on RAW during the ThunderDome era, Triple H has not wrestled since before the pandemic began.

The Briscoes – AEW

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At the moment, the status of Ring of Honor (ROH) is very much in the air. They produced Final Battle last night and are now going on a several month hiatus.

At the same time, they have released their entire roster. Therefore, there are lots of talented wrestlers looking for a new home.

The main options in the United States would be MLW, AEW and WWE. Internationally, there is NJPW and AAA.

During Final Battle, The Briscoes continued to cement their legacy by wining the tag titles for a 12th time. Already, it seems like they have challengers from AEW.

The Briscoes asked for a team to step up after winning gold again. The lights went out and when they popped back on, there was FTR.

Considering what happened after the match, the belief is The Briscoes are going to AEW. Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio did not see many options for the brothers.

“The Briscoes aren’t going to WWE anyway so maybe [Tony Khan] is picking up some of these guys — which I expected him to pick up some of these guys,” said Meltzer. “I mean, it’s not like they need another tag team.” 

“But, The Briscoes are great, so it’s a good addition. And, FTR has wanted to face the Briscoes, and they’ve wanted that for years.”

The Briscoes History 

AEW does have a stacked tag team division, but there is talent to grow. A big thing to watch is if past comments will play a role.

The Briscoes have gotten heat for anti LGBTQ comments. AEW usually tries to stay away from signing controversial wrestlers.

The duo could appear as soon as Wednesday’s Dynamite. If they do sign with AEW, it might be a short deal before offering a longer one.

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