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During an interview with Brandon Walker on Rasslin’, AEW star Ricky Starks reveals an interesting story about Roman Reigns. Apparently, the two worked together in 2018, and the Big Dog was kind of rough. 

AEW Star Calls Roman Reigns “Rough”

According to Starks, he was an extra on WWE TV in 2018. Ricky played a US Marshall looking to take Roman down.

Reigns resisted the arrest, and that’s when things got “interesting”. Roman doubled-axe handled Starks and started stomping him when they were in the corner. 

Roman Reigns Laid Some “Rough” Stomps On AEW Star 

Ricky notes that Roman apologized before the segment even started. As Reigns was cuffed during the promo, he couldn’t control his hands.

Roman knew this and apologized both before and after the segment. The stomps Reigns laid on Starks were quite rough.

Starks acknowledges that Roman was a good guy, during his interview. Sometimes roughness cannot be helped when it comes to certain situations and segments in wrestling.

Ricky is with AEW right now, and he’s currently the FTW Champion. While he never “officially” worked in the WWE, he still has bragging rights around working with the Tribal Chief.

Starks joined AEW in 2020. In September of this year, he replaced Mark Henry on the Rampage announce table, too.

Ricky still wrestles for the company. But it never hurts having dual roles with a promotion.

Speaking of the WWE, Marina Shafir started with the company in 2018. She was recently released this past summer and has had a hard time getting work because of her stint on NXT. 

Marina Shafir Work Struggles

AEW Star Roman Reigns

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Shafir debuted for the WWE during the Evolution pay-per-view (PPV), the company’s first all-female event in October 2018. She then entered NXT, pairing up with Jessamin Duke.

The two helped Shayna Baszler rise within the (then) black and gold brand. Sadly, she was released this year in June, with a slew of other WWE superstars.

During an interview with Shot of Wrestling, Marina talked about life after WWE. She notes it was difficult getting booked on the indie circuit after going through NXT.

She reveals that she trained with Mercedes Martinez six weeks ago. The two had a conversation where Martinez stated that “nobody” would want Shafir because she’s “NXT bred”.

This is because Marina did not have indie experience, and she doesn’t “speak” that language. As Shafir puts it, those from NXT speak the “what producers want” language. 

Marina Shafir Is All Elite 

The good news is that while “nobody” in the indie circuit may want her, she has found a regular gig. She’s set to make her debut on All Elite Wrestling this week.

Shafir will officially join AEW on an episode of Dark. She’s also worked for Championship Wrestling from Atlanta and GCW this year.

Marina also has a mixed martial arts background. She enjoyed a brief career run between 2014 and 2015.

Shafir is married to Roderick Strong. The two got engaged in late 2015.

Marina and Strong have a child together, named Troy Veniamin. The couple ended up getting married in late 2018.

Here’s hoping that Shafir experiences success in AEW. She’s a talented performer, with a bright future ahead.

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