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reaction vince mcmahon backstage
March 8, 2023
We’ve got reaction to Vince McMahon being backstage on Monday, and reports indicate one RAW spot was nixed due to recent events.
mjf has fan issues
March 6, 2023
Seen during Sunday’s AEW PPV, MJF has fan issues once again. Plus, what is the contract status for FTR after their recent return?
mjf trolling wwe superstars
March 6, 2023
With some recent remarks, is MJF trolling WWE Superstars? And does some talent have WrestleMania card concerns?
Police MJF AEW Promo
February 10, 2023
The latest AEW promo by MJF saw the police receive over 300 calls because of his remarks. And, a top WWE name is off TV
Jack Perry Angle Dropped
December 18, 2022
A big AEW angle, which would have benefited ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry, was dropped. And, the company continues to change direction.
MJF Conor McGregor Fight
November 24, 2022
MJF has “poked the bear” on Twitter again, as he is now in a fight with Conor McGregor. Plus, Brock Lesnar is “proud” of the Paul brothers.
next for mjf regal
November 23, 2022
After a big turn, what is next for MJF and William Regal? And WWE signs an unlikely but talented reality star.
MJF AEW World Title
November 20, 2022
MJF now has the AEW world title and he is speaking on the big moment. And, Tony Khan on the futures of Miro and Andrade El Idolo.
Talk MJF Turning Face
October 31, 2022
There is some talk of MJF turning face, but will AEW actually make it happen? And, Matt Hardy is teasing the return of his ‘Broken’ gimmick.
Huge Praise Solo Sikoa
October 24, 2022
There is huge praise in WWE right now for the young Solo Sikoa. And, is MJF & Tony Khan’s relationship still strained or are they now good?
brock lesnar not wrestling
October 1, 2022
Ever the part-timer, it seems Brock Lesnar is not wrestling in America again this year. Plus the MJF return likely helps the AEW TV deal.
Ric Flair discusses retirement
September 28, 2022
After a brutal “last match”, Ric Flair discusses his retirement. And, Wardlow opens up and takes a shot at former buddy MJF.
MJF Big Money
September 23, 2022
Since returning, MJF is now making big money. And, several AEW wrestlers have apparently asked for their release and WWE is also aware.
MJF New AEW Deal
September 20, 2022
MJF confirms recently that he’s signed a new AEW deal, without a contract extension. Plus, Triple H’s viewpoint on blood in WWE matches.
September 16, 2022
AEW’s MJF got schooled in relevancy recently on social media, as a WWE star trolled him. Plus, legend Ricky Steamboat returns to the ring.
feel bad for mjf
September 7, 2022
After a wild couple of days, AEW stars feel bad for MJF having his return lost in the mess. And is Malakai Black taking time off?
Clash AT The Castle
September 5, 2022
There was a lot going on this weekend in the world of wrestling, from Clash at the Castle, to AEW All Out to CM Punk making it all about him
AEW Another TV Show
August 21, 2022
It looks like AEW will be getting another TV show to help wither their loaded roster. And, a top star should be returning very soon.