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WWE Extreme Rules 2021: Hits And Misses Are Here!

Now that WWE Extreme Rules 2021 edition is in the books, the Hits and Misses from the September PPV are here and we get into them now!

As we’ve done numerous times before, we bring you WWE Extreme Rules 2021-the hits and misses are here!

Well, maybe it’s more one than the other, but that’s what brings you in, right?

It’s been an interesting last couple months in pro wrestling, and after a rather loaded August all around, we’ve arrived at WWE’s Extreme Rules, 2021 edition.

Will we have hits? Perhaps.

Might we have misses? I have no doubts.

So without any further delay…

WWE Extreme Rules 2021: Hits And Misses Are Here!

First out of the gate, let us talk about the misses.

WWE Extreme Rules 2021: The Misses.

First and foremost…for another PPV, NBC’s Peacock platform had issues with a WWE PPV.

Just a couple months back, many fans reported blocky or glitchy video. It reminded me of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, when I’d try to “watch” or at least listen to a WWF PPV through the scrambled cable box feed.

Well, tonight was not that. Instead, tonight was audio issues…of an entirely different variety.

During the beginning of the feed, the usual audio feed was overtaken by the Spanish feed. Other audio was also reported, as Peacock engineers worked to fix it.

Considering Peacock is supposed to have considerably more resources than what used to run the WWE Network…it’s fair to be both concerned and annoyed.

Another miss? The card in general.

Leading up to Extreme Rules, I can’t say I was excited for it. I don’t know of many, if any, who were.

As the event unfolded, maybe I am being harsh, but it didn’t feel like a great PPV. At times, it didn’t even feel like a decent RAW or SmackDown.

Considering the competition is heating up…WWE needs to do better.

wwe extreme rules 2021
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Another, somewhat related to the card. While he only just won the title…it felt like poor planning to only have the new WWE Champion work a six man tag match.

The match itself felt like something that should have happened on RAW or a WWE Draft SmackDown/RAW in less than a week.

Using this to totally set up a match, or a confrontation, to happen on RAW? Left a bad taste in my mouth.

While I am going on about matches…I expected more from the Street Profits and Usos. Closing the match with the terrible looking double super kick (they whiffed on at least one of them), followed by the badly executed double splash (that barely landed)?

Just expected better.

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Alexa Bliss also lost Lilly…but we got to see Bliss foaming at the mouth after the doll was destroyed.

extreme rules 2021
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Also got to see the Alka-Seltzer tablet in her mouth delivering the foaming, but hey, who cares, right?

And, as a general statement about the card, again. It was called Extreme Rules…but we lacked those sorts of matches that usually would be seen on such a show.

Like, one match with stipulations, on Extreme Rules? Just ditch the name if you won’t actually have a plethora of extreme stipulations.

But, it wasn’t all bad. So here are the hits!

I will say, the United States Championship match was better than I expected.

extreme rules
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Best part of it for me? The show of respect between Damian Priest and Jeff Hardy at the close.

I would not be upset giving Hardy another title run, but I also am enjoying Priest and his push.

wwe hits
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And, while she’s been MIA…again…Sasha Banks returned on Extreme Rules. She returned, causing a DQ during the SmackDown Women’s Championship match.

Outside of the US Title match, our main event delivered too. It was basically the only one that involved any extreme rules.

It was notable that Reigns, before entering the crowd, donned a mask. Probably not a bad idea, especially given his past medical issues.

Overall, the match was really good…up until the end. Wasn’t in love with the return of the red glow, and was very much not a fan of the “broken” top rope.

Unless we find out that the rope legit broke, but I am going to say I doubt it.

wwe extreme rules 2021 hits and misses
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I was more hoping for a Lesnar appearance to save the title for Reigns. Instead, we go with…ring malfunction.

And that, right there, is your Extreme Rules 2021 Hits and Misses.


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