Sonya Deville MITB Match
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It’s been a long while since Sonya Deville has competed and a report has now surfaced that states she could be in a match at the Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view. 

Sonya Deville Wrestling In MITB Match?

While Sonya Deville has been on WWE TV, she hasn’t been in the squared circle since SummerSlam 2020. Could that all change as of this Sunday? 

Reports surfaced a while back that Sonya was supposed to return to the ring at WrestleMania. Those plans seemingly were pushed back.

According to Fightful Select, Deville is expected to return to action, “imminently”. There has also been word of a “push” to get her into that Women’s MITB ladder match. 

As per the report, Deville has been “penciled” into the Women’s MITB bout. It’ll be very interesting to see how she ends up getting into it considering all talents are currently confirmed.

Sonya Deville And Her MITB Match Return

The fans are bound to go wild if Sonya Deville returns to action this Sunday. After all, she’s played a “backstage” onscreen role for quite some time now.

Deville left WWE television after SummerSlam 2020. She was dealing with an awful stalker situation at the time. 

She returned in January 2021 as a “WWE Official” alongside Adam Pierce. However, she has yet to jump into competition. 

If Sonya ends up back in the ring, which brand would she wrestle on? Will she get drafted, when the time comes?

Speaking of, WWE has its annual draft. It’s a fun time of year where the rosters of Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown get shaken up!

Fans love the WWE draft. However, there’s word the company is pushing back the dates for this.

Big Change To WWE Draft

Who’s excited about the 2021 Draft? It’s always interesting to see where WWE talents end up when all is said and done.

Sonya Deville MITB Match

Source: Andrew Zarian, Twitter, Screenshot

Originally, this year’s draft was supposed to take place on Monday, August 30th, and Friday, September 3rd. It sounds like it will now be pushed back to sometime in October.

The Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast’s Andrew Zarian recently tweeted out some information. According to him, October 4th is the new date.

 No More Information Provided

No second date was offered. Assuming that October 4th is the date for RAW, as this is a Monday, then SmackDown’s might be on October 8th.

However, the WWE consistently likes to change things, so those dates aren’t written in stone. The company could decide to make the 2021 Draft a one-night event.

Then again, they could decide to make SmackDown’s draft date before RAW’s. This would be Friday, October 1st.

Switching things up would be intriguing at this point. After all, Team Blue doing their draft first has not been done for a while. 

It’s important to note that this has not been confirmed as of yet. There’s still a chance that the dates could be moved up, or pushed even further back. 

WNZ fans will have to stay tuned around all this. It’ll be interesting to see what the WWE will do.