Zelina Vega Returning WWE
Source: Fiending For Followers, Twitter, Screenshot

Zelina Vega was released from the WWE in November 2020. Reports surfaced revealing she currently has a contract that does not allow her to work for AEW. Could that mean she’s returning to the WWE?

Zelina Vega Returning To WWE

Could Zelina Vega make a WWE comeback? As per Fightful Select, she was spotted at the Performance Center Thursday, May 13.


The report added that she wasn’t there to visit old friends and colleagues. Added information suggests she was filming something.

Zelina’s real name is Thea Trinidad. She’s been on Twitch, full-time since she left WWE.

It’s been reported that she wasn’t a fan of losing that Twitch revenue when WWE placed a third-party ban on superstar contracts. She was also very vocal about the WWE unionizing its talent.

What Will Vega Do Next?

There’s no word on exactly what Zelina will do if she returns to the WWE. There’s also no confirmation that Vega has signed a new contract with the company.

The Fightful report does indicate that the plan is to bring her back to the WWE, eventually. No timeline was offered.

Vega tried out for the WWE in 2013. She made some minor appearances in 2014 on NXT.

By 2017, she signed a contract with the company. It was then that she began training at the Performance Center.

She aligned with Andrade shortly after her NXT debut. The two hit the main roster in 2018.

While she did wrestling, her prominent role was playing manager. Will this be the case when if she returns?

Over to Alexa Bliss news, she and The Fiend have broken up. Since WrestleMania 37, she’s been hanging with her new friend “Lily”.

Her segments are interesting and very creepy cool. What does the WWE have planned for Little Miss Bliss moving forward?

Odd Idea For Alexa Bliss’ Doll Lily

Alexa’s promos as of late have been on-point. Post-WM, fans learned that Bliss purposely turned on The Fiend.

Zelina Vega Returning WWE

Source: AlexaBliss.net, Twitter, Screenshot

She also introduced this doll she has named Lily. Not only does Lily look disturbing, but her ideas also seem disturbing.

As the WWE Universe has come to learn, Lily encourages Bliss to do bad things. Sounds like Lily isn’t a good influence on Alexa.

PW Insider recently provided some insight into Bliss’s storyline moving forward. They noted that Bliss could end up being a manager to a “live” version of Lily.

Lily Comes To Life

Which superstar could end up playing Lily? That’s hard to say.

However, PW Insider also noted that the doll could be a device to progress this current storyline. She could fade away at some point when she’s no longer needed.

WWE is racking in the money with the Lily/Bliss merchandise, right now. It doesn’t seem likely that will happen anytime soon.

Bliss entered NXT in 2013. However, she experienced a high level of success once she hit the main roster in 2016.

She’s done it all in a short amount of time. RAW and SD Women’s Champion (5x), WWE Women’s Tag Champion (2x), Triple Crown Champion, and 2018 Women’s Money in the Bank.

It’s hard to say exactly what’s in store for Alexa Bliss. She’s talented in the ring, and incredible on the mic.

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