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Jeff Hardy Plans Before He Retires, Becky Lynch’s Nixed WM 37 Match

Jeff Hardy reveals some interesting plans before he retires. Plus, Becky Lynch had plans for a WM 37 match, but those were nixed.

Jeff Hardy conducted an interview recently where he talks about plans he has before he retires from WWE. Also, Becky Lynch on her scratched WrestleMania 37 opponent.

Jeff Hardy Plans Before He Retires

Speaking with Capitol Broadcasting Company’s Culture State, Hardy reveals that he has something he wants to do before he retires. That is, bring back his Willow the Wisp character.

In fact, during the interview, Jeff states that he was just talking to the man who made his Willow masks. He’s currently making a new one.

Hardy also adds there have been “chats” around Willow re-entering “the scene” before he ends his career. Does this mean WWE fans will see Willow, soon?

More On Jeff Hardy Plans To Bring Back Willow Before He Retires

Hardy also notes in the interview that “it’s going to happen”. Who will Willow’s first opponent be?

Willow The Wisp was a character used in his promotion (with brother Matt) OMEGA, Ring of Honor, and Impact. It’ll be interesting to see how the persona will return.

Many within the WWE Universe have been unhappy with Hardy’s booking as of late. But will Willow the Wisp change all that?

Speaking of returns, Becky Lynch returned at SummerSlam, in a match that saw her become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion. But a recent interview reveals that her “comeback” could’ve happened at WrestleMania 37.

Becky Lynch’s Nixed WM 37 Match

The Man spoke with talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy recently, from London’s O2 Arena. She confirmed during the interview that she was ready to return to the ring from her hiatus at WrestleMania 37.

Jeff Hardy Plans Retire
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At that point in time, there was a discussion that she’d face off against Bayley. This would’ve been her first bout since she left the squared circle in May 2020, due to her pregnancy.

Rumors were leading up to WM 37 about Bayley versus Becks. However, Night 1 and Night 2 passed, and Lynch’s return never happened.

For one reason or another, the idea was nixed. It seemed that with each pay-per-view (PPV) that followed, fans sit on the edge of their seats to see if Lynch would return.

Plans For A Draft Return Also Changed

Lynch would confirm that her big return would come during WWE’s draft season in October. However, just like WM 37, those plans changed, too.

WWE would call her the week of SummerSlam to come back. The rest is history.

While there was a buzz during SummerSlam that The Man could return, it was still a nice surprise. Even if it came with a little controversy, where she squashed Bianca Belair to become the new SD Women’s Champ.

Fans haven’t see Bayley in the ring since this past June. She’s been off due to an ACL injury.

Perhaps when she gets back, the WWE Universe will be privy to a Becks versus Bayley bout? Only time will tell!

The Man is gearing up for a match against Belair this Sunday at the WWE Extreme Rules PPV. Her SD Women’s title will be on the line.

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