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Charlotte Flair WWE Hiatus
Source: @MsCharlotteWWE, Twitter, Screenshot
April 4, 2023
As per a report, Charlotte Flair has taken a hiatus from the WWE. In other sad news, Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Butch Miller has passed.
Tag Team Closed WrestleMania
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April 2, 2023
After lots of confusion, Triple H explains why the tag team bout closed WrestleMania 39. And, Charlotte Flair could be taking a WWE break.
right wrestlemania main event
source: @uwublonded, twitter, screenshot
April 2, 2023
With so much talk and so much confusion at times, did we get the right WrestleMania night one main event this year?
WrestleMania 39 Night One
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April 1, 2023
Finally, WWE WrestleMania 39 Night One is here and we reviewed each match. Therefore, it is now time for our report card to provide grades.
Bianca Belair WrestleMania 39
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March 7, 2023
As per a report, facing Asuka was not the original WrestleMania 39 plan for Bianca Belair. Plus, who’s buying the WWE? WNZ has bedding odds.
big change bobby lashley
source: @ewrestlingnews, twitter, screenshot
January 4, 2023
There certainly seems to be a big change coming for Bobby Lashley, and what are plans for Charlotte and Ronda moving forward?
john cena's wrestlemania opponent
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December 31, 2022
As we approach that time of year, there is talk of John Cena’s WrestleMania opponent. And, we’ve got reaction to Charlotte’s win.
saying farewell with bang
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December 30, 2022
It’s our last SmackDown in a Nutshell of 2022, and we are saying farewell to an eventful year with a bang and then some!
when will queen return
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December 10, 2022
She’s been off for much of 2022, but will The Queen return soon? And who is the next NXT star to watch out for?
Chris Jericho AEW Claim
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October 16, 2022
Chris Jericho is talented, but his latest AEW claim might not be met with universal praise. And, Charlotte Flair’s WWE return is close.
will charlotte flair return
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June 22, 2022
Now that she’s married, will Charlotte Flair return soon? And we have another health update for Hall of Famer Jim Duggan.
Britt Baker Sasha Banks
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May 29, 2022
If given the chance, Britt Baker wants Sasha Banks inside an AEW ring. And, here are photos from the wedding of Charlotte Flair & Andrade.
will charlotte flair return
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May 11, 2022
Now that she’s been written off, when will Charlotte Flair return to WWE? And AEW confirms they will be holding a major annual event in NYC!
roman reigns working less
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May 9, 2022
After an interesting weekend, will Roman Reigns be working less? And, following Backlash, Charlotte Flair is taking some time off.
WrestleMania Backlash Report Card
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May 8, 2022
WWE WrestleMania Backlash is over and now we get to the important report card. A great card on paper, but let us see how the grades went.
cody rhodes contract details
Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot
April 4, 2022
Now that the worst-kept secret is revealed, we can talk some Cody Rhodes contract details. And is Ronda Rousey upset with WWE?
March 30, 2022
The two baddest women on the planet face off on Night 1 of WrestleMania as Charlotte Flair looks to settle the score against Ronda Rousey
Cody Rhodes Returning WWE
Source: @HindustanTimes. Twitter, Screenshot
March 18, 2022
After tons of speculation, Cody Rhodes will be returning to WWE. And, Charlotte Flair thinks her family deserves their own Hall Of Fame wing.