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MJF is a hated heel in the land of professional wrestling and he might have gone too far with a tweet about Sammy Guevara and Sasha Banks. Also, WWE is looking at brining more themed events to TV. 

Sammy Guevara Blasts MJF Over Sasha Banks

AEW’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) loves getting heat. He also loves poking at people on social media.

His latest victim is Sammy Guevara. The two have had issues for a while now.

MFJ tried to join the Inner Circle, which lead to Sammy leaving the stable. Guevara returned to action, which sprung a feud between The Pinnacle and Inner Circle factions.

Sammy recently trolled MJF on Twitter. After some posts, Friedman had enough.

He ended up taking a massive shot against Guevara. See below.

Sammy Guevara & MJF Tweet A Storm

As you can see, MJF clearly had enough of Sammy’s tweets. He decided to hit Guevara where it would hurt the most.

He blasted a post that alluded to the controversy Guevara had with WWE superstar Sasha Banks. It’s clearly still a sensitive topic with Sammy.

Guevara would retaliate with another tweet, which blasted back at MJF. See the post below.

For those that may not remember, Sammy made some inappropriate comments in 2016 about The Boss. During a January edition of The Whole F’N Show of that year, he recalled seeing Banks at a Texas RAW TV taping.

His comment alluded to how bad he wanted to “force” himself on The Boss. His sexual assault comments weren’t taken lightly.

He ended up getting a ton of backlash from fans and media. No one should be taking these kinds of comments lightly, as it is.

Guevara would later apologize for what he said on Twitter. He acknowledged how offensive and inappropriate they were.

No one is perfect. The fact that Guevara saw the error of his ways was something positive that came out of the scandal.

Sounds like MJF and Sammy have a ton of hate for each other. Could this create a match or feud someday?

Only time will tell. Over at the WWE, the company is pondering more themed events moving forward.

WWE Themed Events

Some interesting news for WWE fans! The company is thinking about more themed events as they return to live shows in July.

Sammy Guevara MJF Tweet

Source:, Twitter, Screenshot

According to the Twitter handle WrestleVotes, the idea is to do more themed shows for later in 2021 and early 2022. See tweet below.

The post noted King of the Ring, Old School RAW, and a viewer’s choice show. These events might all be possible in the near future.

WWE Heading On The Road

WNZ recently reported on a potential King of the Ring return. Adam Pierce, Xavier Woods, and King Baron Corbin have all teased this.

WWE will return to live events starting Friday, July 16th. This is when SmackDown invades Houston, Texas.

This will launch the first WWE tour since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Both fans, superstars, and the company are all very excited about this.

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