wwe superstars coming back
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With the company now back on the road, could we see more WWE Superstars returning soon? Plus, a Hall of Famer’s son coming back?

WWE Superstars Returning Soon

We’ve known for a while that Vince McMahon was planning big surprises for getting back on the road…so we can expect some WWE Superstars to be returning soon.

So, which WWE Superstars? And when, or where?

wwe superstars coming back

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

Well, if you caught the first SmackDown in an arena with fans since 2020, you know that Finn Balor is back on the main roster.

Who else is due back, and when should we watch for them?

There are rumblings we will see Bill Goldberg showing up as soon as this Monday…whether we want that or not.

We may see another long-awaited WWE Superstar return on Sunday-Becky Lynch.

On top of that, there are strong indications that John Cena could be back on next week’s SmackDown. Current reports point to Cena showing up to be Roman Reigns’ next challenger.

So, with the company getting back on the road, we can expect WWE Superstars returning soon.

The next week should give us a number of familiar faces back…and those are just the ones we know about.

Based on the welcome back video package, I have to think WWE is still doing all it can to convince Daniel Bryan to come back…but that is simply a guess.

Hall Of Famer Son Coming Back?

Speaking of returns…is a Hall of Famer son coming back to WWE too?

hall of famer son returning

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We have long heard rumors that David Hart Smith might be making his way back to the company.

But, for every time we’ve heard rumors of that…they’ve failed to materialize.

While the son of The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith, was present for his father’s induction…we have not seen him in a WWE ring in quite some time.

Except…some fans now have seen him in a WWE ring, and very recently at that.

Numerous fans (remember those?! They’re back!!) took to social media to post photos of this week’s dark matches.

Man, how we’ve missed these kinds of posts…but I digress.

So, with several of those posts, we learned that David Hart Smith was one of the participants in one of the dark matches, ahead of the live-in-front-of-fans SmackDown.

Hart Smith, a former tag team champion in WWE, teamed up with NXT’s Austin Theory, working against another pair from NXT.

After SmackDown, Hart confirmed he is back in WWE.

Early in the year, the rumblings about his return were growing. Back then, one suggestion was that perhaps WWE would bring back Hart Smith to be a part of NXT UK.

It’s not hard to picture him going after WALTER’s long-held NXT UK Championship, after all.

Or, as we’ve seen before…it wouldn’t be tough to imagine him in the fans at the next TakeOver, at which point the announcers reveal he’s the latest addition to the NXT brand (same way we had so many other reveals, like Drew McIntyre).