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With the company aiming to go big to welcome back live audiences, a Hall of Famer is said to be returning to WWE soon. Plus, a major NXT Superstar is missing time.

Hall Of Famer Returning To WWE For SummerSlam

With everything coming back so fast, it may not be a surprise to learn that a Hall of Famer is returning to WWE, and soon.

The surprise may be which Hall of Famer, as WWE is known to have a few pop in from time to time.

Hall of Famer Edge has already made his return, as he challenges Roman Reigns at Sunday’s Money In The Bank. So it’s not him.

And this returning Hall of Famer won’t be doing so to challenge Reigns, at least, that isn’t the present plan.

According to Fightful Select, the Hall of Famer in question is Goldberg. The current plan has him returning to RAW very soon to challenge Bobby Lashley.

As in, Goldberg, the aging part-timer, is returning once again, right into a title shot.

Meanwhile, popular Superstars like Keith Lee sit inexplicably idle….

And Vince McMahon wonders why fans get annoyed at WWE booking decisions…

With live fans returning, beginning with Friday’s SmackDown, we already know WWE is doing whatever it can to make the return special.

Expectations are high, with fans anticipating returns from Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks or Brock Lesnar.

Some even dare dream of The Rock and John Cena, though for now, one seems much more likely than the other.

Not on that list, however, was Goldberg. We last saw him work a Royal Rumble match against Drew McIntyre.

Unless something changes-which they always do-it looks like we might see Goldberg as soon as the next Monday Night RAW.

Does such a return excite any fans?

WALTER Injured

On a less exciting note, a significant NXT Superstar will be missing time.

NXT UK Champion WALTER has been taken off television, due to an apparent injury suffered during an angle.

nxt superstar missing time

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WWE took to social media to reveal the injury.

Thus far, it does not indicate whether the long reigning champion would relinquish the title. WWE has selectively enforced that rule over time.

For example, when Brock Lesnar was champion, he could disappear for months and the rule didn’t matter. When Finn Balor or Karrion Kross suffered injuries, however, they dropped their titles in short order.

Right now, for WALTER, he will remain champion.

It’s entirely possible that the WWE medical staff will monitor the NXT Superstar in the coming weeks and make a determination down the road.

That doesn’t mean we couldn’t see WALTER stripped of the belt at some point in a few weeks. Especially if the medical team indicates that he will need more than a few weeks to recover, such a move would make sense.

However, if he should be able to fight in a matter of 4-6 weeks (purely speculation on my part), then WWE may be willing to allow their dominant NXT UK Champion to hold onto the gold.