wwe daniel bryan talks
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With so many big name Superstars returning, we’ve got news on the WWE-Daniel Bryan talks. Plus, more on the NXT locker room mood post-RAW.

WWE Daniel Bryan Talks

We’ve heard rumors of so many Superstars coming back with the company back on the road…so what about those WWE-Daniel Bryan talks?

Turns out…there aren’t any.

According to PWInsider, the two sides have not talked recently. WWE may want Daniel Bryan back (you’d think), but thus far, it has not happened.

wwe daniel bryan talks

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What that means is anyone’s guess.

Does Daniel Bryan not want to return to WWE? Or maybe the company is not interested in bringing him back, contrary to earlier reports.

However, WWE officials, per the report, do think Daniel Bryan is in talks with someone.

Specifically, there is a feeling that Daniel Bryan may be talking to AEW.

There are no leaks thus far that would lend credence to the suspicions, but AEW interest would not be shocking.

WWE, for all it’s recent video packages hyping the return to the road, has purposefully included Daniel Bryan in those segments.

It seems that his inclusion may end up being wishful thinking. Right now, there are no WWE-Daniel Bryan talks to report-sadly.

Anything could change at any time, of course. Most of WWE has some momentum going into SummerSlam, and a return from Daniel Bryan could help keep that going.

On the flip side…imagine how it may feel to see beloved Daniel Bryan show up on AEW?

As painful as it was to see some iconic names like Big Show and Christian (and sure, Jon Moxley too)…Daniel Bryan would be a massive hit.

NXT Locker Room Mood Post-RAW

Speaking of a massive hit…let’s dive into the NXT locker room mood post-RAW.

Specifically, what the feelings are after the stunning and bizarre loss by NXT Champion Karrion Kross during his unannounced RAW debut.

To be blunt…not good.

nxt locker room mood

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Per Fightful, the words we could use to characterize the locker room after that inexplicable booking: frustrated, disappointed, stunned or shocked.

Diving into this a bit more, as was covered all over, the move is perplexing on the surface.

Yes, the long game could work out and this debut ends up but a footnote in Karrion Kross’ illustrious WWE history.

Or, it’s a harbinger of things not to come for him.

We’ve already talked about how some took his loss as a shot at NXT, an indication of how little Vince McMahon thinks of the brand.

That the company decided to have Kross debut without Scarlett is also a bit of a puzzle, but that’s a different topic for another time.

The Fightful report explains why the NXT locker room mood was and is down following the RAW loss.

The Superstars remember how much so many of the roster gave to make Kross look like a complete monster. On his way to his title reigns, Karrion Kross destroyed names like Finn Balor, Keith Lee, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

Each of them, and numerous others, did what they needed to do to help get him over. A monster should not lose his debut match at all, let alone in five minutes via the method that Karrion Kross did.

Again, this is all speculative and reporting indirectly from the locker room…but is it a stretch to wonder if WWE might be causing problems with it’s NXT talent in the long run?

Consider how the return of Keith Lee went (on top of how his main roster run has gone since his 2020 debut), and there are so many puzzling moves.

It’s not a crazy thing to ask. Hopefully it blows over soon enough.

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