AEW’s Tony Khan Shoots On WWE VP, Daniel Bryan – NJPW

Tony Khan Shoots WWE
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Before AEW Dynamite went on the air, Tony Khan shoots a promo on a WWE VP and it all revolved around Daniel Bryan possibly working for NJPW. 

AEW’s Tony Khan Shoots On WWE VP

Over the past week, WWE made several cuts. Almost all of them were people behind the scenes and those fans are not too familiar with.

In the process, WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan gained more power. He is also the one trying to negotiate a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and WWE.

The talks involve Daniel Bryan, who has expressed interest with working with NJPW. Since his WWE contract is up, they are trying to please Bryan in hopes he re-signs.

Well, Tony Khan heard the same story and he is not happy. He, along with AEW, have been working with NJPW for the past year.

So, before Dynamite aired, Tony Schiavone interviewed his boss. Khan runs AEW and threw plenty of shots at WWE’s Vice President Nick Khan.

Tony Khan Lays Down The Challenge To WWE 

“I just want to address, as ‘The Forbidden Door,’” said Khan. “I read in the Observer that New Japan Pro Wrestling has had talks with WWE’s President Nick Khan.” 

“Well, Nick, I have to say if you have been talking to New Japan Pro Wrestling for two months, you’ve gotten a lot done. Just in the last two weeks I’ve had Yuji Nagata, Ren Narita and Rocky Romero on AEW.” 

“I’ve reunited Roppongi Vice, I’ve had the New Japan IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley defend the title successfully on our show, retaining it, and I have future plans for New Japan Pro Wrestling for the US Title. So you must’ve really gotten a lot done in the two months, Nick.” 

“And in fact, I think there’s only room for one Khan in the wrestling business, Nick, and it’s me. It’s Tony Khan. It’s not some con-man from Connecticut.”

At this time, Nick Khan has not responded and probably will not. That is not how WWE handles business.

Still, Tony Khan seems clearly annoyed. He rarely shows such raw emotion, but the NJPW-WWE story has shown his aggressive side.

NJPW currently has a working relationship with AEW and Impact Wrestling. If WWE reaches a deal with NJPW, there is no telling how that will affect the other wrestling promotions.

Daniel Bryan – NJPW

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As mentioned earlier, Daniel Bryan seems to be a big factor in all this. WWE does not want him signing anywhere and they are going out of their way to keep him happy.

WWE has worked with promotions in the past, but it is very rare. Typically, they will work with companies they do not see as competition.

There are several options for Bryan. He can re-sign with WWE, join AEW, work overseas with NJPW or even wrestle for other companies.

Basically, NJPW is in a good position thanks to Bryan.