aew has touring concerns
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In what is a very fluid situation, reports are emerging that AEW has touring concerns and this one bears watching. Plus, the not-yet-announced Queen of the Ring tournament may have had it’s location revealed.

AEW Has Touring Concerns

In what is probably not shocking, AEW has touring concerns related to the current events happening around us.

Specifically, a number of states have been or are about to re-institute certain restrictions surrounding masks and potentially crowd sizes.

These measures are in response to COVID once again spiking around the country. 

aew has touring concerns

source: custom, aew twitter screenshot

As states have eased or entirely eliminated prior restrictions, people have flooded back to everything they missed over the prior 18 months.

With restrictions easing, both AEW and WWE have recently returned to the road. But with things spiking, AEW has touring concerns.

Specifically, they have concerns that they may have to scale back, or possibly entirely cancel, the current touring efforts.

A report from indicates that the company is taking a proactive approach when it comes to working on these touring concerns.

There remains an “in case of emergency” plan. That would potentially be a long-term return to Daily’s Place, which became the AEW home during the pandemic.

Considering that AEW has major events planned over the next couple months, it’s no surprise that AEW has touring concerns really.

The company has two shows in the coming months-in Chicago and New York-which could have possibly significant meaning. 

While nothing is official, many believe the company has agreed to terms with both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, and that they plan on using those events to debut each star.

If the worst happens and touring is forced to halt, that does not mean that those debuts couldn’t happen. As wrestling fans, we all know that these major surprises and debuts work so much better in front of a live crowd.

Queen Of The Ring Location Revealed

In what is long overdue, it’s been reported that WWE will crown female royalty via a tournament. Now, we also have an idea as to where, as apparently the Queen of the Ring location may have been revealed.

While the company has not officially confirmed that such a tournament is actually taking place…it should be.

Where the final matches are expected to take place? This would take the historic tournament to a whole new level.

queen of the ring finals location revealed

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Per the Mat Men Podcast, the location for the Queen of the Ring final has been revealed, and it is slated to happen in Saudi Arabia.

Let that sink in for a moment…

WWE has been roasted at times for the lengthy deal the company signed with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has become quite a hot topic, each and every time a show comes up.

Many fans were against the whole deal because of how certain people are treated, to be blunt.

If you recall, the earliest shows had no female Superstars on the card. Only recently did that get to change.

Now, for what would be WWE’s first ever Queen of the Ring tournament, the location for the crowning match appears to be a site many probably never would have guessed.

While nothing is officially announced, this one will be interesting to see if and when confirmed. 

If true, this has to be seen as a big moment. I would argue that such a match would be an example of WWE leveraging it’s relationship in the Middle East to help shift things forward.

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