cm punk nearing return
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It is perhaps one of the most tired questions, but could CM Punk be nearing a return? And, the wrestling world reacts to those rumors.

CM Punk Nearing Return

It is without a doubt one of the most asked questions of recent memory: is CM Punk nearing a return?

The question never goes away, and likely will not…until he actually DOES make a return.

For what seems like forever, following is abrupt WWE departure, fans would regularly chant his name at shows.

The hope was to convince both WWE and CM Punk to get a return in motion.

Thus far, it has not worked. The closest we’ve gotten was Punk joining the team for the short-lived FOX WWE show, but that was more a FOX move, as WWE reportedly had no input in the decision.

cm punk nearing return

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So, with arena shows coming back, is CM Punk nearing a return?

Shockingly, the answer is…possibly yes. The curve may be the destination, however.

It has long been noted that CM Punk actually has a relationship with AEW top boss Tony Khan. That good relationship may be convincing the idle star to return, and to do so with AEW.

Since the promotion was born, AEW has proven to be an attractive option for a number of talents who either wanted less travel or more control or just something different.

Major stars like Jon Moxley, Big Show and Christian all spurned WWE for AEW. Other free agents, like longtime WWE Superstar Chris Jericho, opted to buy in to the new company.

Yes, they’ve had some questionable moments, but the good still outweighs the bad.

Now, according to Fightful, CM Punk could be nearing his return. Speculation, both informed and otherwise, seems to expect if he does return, he will show up on AEW.

Adding a talent like CM Punk is big on it’s own. But such a move would also possibly be a blow against WWE too.

It could keep Punk away from WWE, and be just the latest in a long line of free agents the company couldn’t land.

Now, imagine if the Punk return does happen, and AEW lands him…and they also manage to bring in someone like Daniel Bryan?

That may not be a big reach, based on the latest reports on Bryan and WWE.

Could signings like those be enough to really change things? Might this create a renewed competition?

Wrestling World Reacts To Rumors

Not surprising, with the story out there, the wrestling world reacts to the rumors of an imminent Punk return.

cm punk wrestling world reacts

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I mean, look at Twitter, it’s a trending topic, and it’s not hard to see why. Check out some of the posts:

I think many fans would be excited just to have him back, regardless of AEW or WWE.

Others clearly see him (and Daniel Bryan) as massive stars capable of really boosting AEW.

It will be interesting to see if the rumors are true this time. Surely, if someone within WWE is inclined to bring him back, they may be calling him and offering whatever it takes.

Still, from CM Punk’s history, he won’t just be about the money or the ice cream bars. Wherever he goes, if he comes back, it will be because he wanted to be there, not because someone tossed insane amounts of cash his way.

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