Wild Matt Cardona – Nick Gage Video, Daniel Bryan & CM Punk Details

Matt Cardona Nick Gage
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Matt Cardona is hardcore as he went against the violent Nick Gage. Also, the latest details on Daniel Bryan and CM Punk signing with AEW.

Wild Matt Cardona – Nick Gage Video

For about a month, Matt Cardona and Nick Gage have been feuding. On Saturday, at GCW: Homecoming night, Cardona captured the belt in a brutal bout to become World Champion.

The feud began when Cardona, in disguise, attacked Cage from behind. Then, Cage interrupted Cardona’s live podcast and tried to start a brawl.

As for the actual match, as expected, Gage used several light tubes and his trusty pizza cutter. By the end of the match, Cardona was a bloody mess.

Cardona did get help from Ricky Shane Page’s faction, 44OH!, and RSP. In a wild sight, fans pelted Cardona with trash after he won the title.

It looked very much like when Hulk Hogan turned heel and joined the NWO in 1996.

We will have to see what is next between Cardona and Cage, as things do not seem settled. Meanwhile, Cage will make his AEW debut on Wednesday’s Dynamite as he takes on Chris Jericho.

Daniel Bryan & CM Punk Details

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Last week, it was tough to meet a wrestling fan who was not talking about AEW. Within a matter of days, reports started coming out that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk had signed with the promotion.

As of now, AEW has not confirmed the news. Although, almost every source says both have signed on the dotted lines.

So, here is Cassidy Haynes from the Bodyslam Podcast with the most recent updates. In particular, he noted how Punk signing has caused AEW to change direction for many summer angles.

Once Bryan signed, Punk began to show interest. AEW and Bryan had been in extensive talks the past few weeks before making a deal.

The plan was, and remains, for Bryan to debut at the New York City show at Arthur Ashe. Already, over 17,000 tickets have been sold.

“So, they had plans in place for Bryan at Arthur Ashe, and then this Punk stuff happened and it’s kinda thrown a wrench into how they want to present everything,” said Haynes. “Now they’ve got to reformat everything because of that, you know?” 

“Because it’s ‘how do you capitalize off this buzz’ and what are they gonna do exactly is what they’re trying to figure out.”

AEW Needs To Change Their Plans

Before the latest additions, AEW had everything mapped out through All Out. Now, that will change as Punk is rumored to be at the show.

As for WWE, word is they were not going to offer Punk a contract. And, it is likely Punk would did not want to hear what WWE had.

As for Bryan, WWE tried desperately to keep him put when his contract ended. AEW’s working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling played heavily in Bryan deciding to jump ship.

The two next two months are already going to be huge for AEW. Also, do not forget they have new talent such as Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo.