lana babyface push news

We know that Lana has gone through plenty of tables lately…so now we have more Lana babyface push news. Plus, did Vince McMahon disown NXT?

More Lana Babyface Push News

It has been reported that, in spite of recent abuse, Lana is getting a big push. So, let’s get into some more Lana babyface push news.

The push is still in motion, but it’s developing oddly. For example, Lana has been regularly put through the RAW announce table (six times and counting).

lana babyface push news

Lana’s husband Miro-himself a former WWE Superstar-even spoke about the bumps Lana has been taking.

Miro was interviews by Inside The Ropes recently. During that session, he called his wife the toughest Superstar on the roster, in part for taking the repetitive table spots.

He pointed out that she keeps taking them and getting up without complaint. Ignoring the fact that the tables WWE uses in spots are generally rigged, she is going along with the plan.

Going deeper, The Wrestling Observer  reiterated that the plan remains to make Lana a mega-babyface.

Somehow, the decision makers feel that, by repeatedly putting Lana through a table, she will get sympathy from fans. That sympathy will lead to her getting very over as a babyface.

Whether that actually happens remains to be seen. It’s harder to gauge that now, with no live fans in attendance.

However, WWE shows no signs of letting up on a push. Lana did recently have a shot at the RAW Women’s Champion. Next, she has earned a spot on the RAW women’s Survivor Series team.

Winning that spot got her a congratulatory table bump at the hands of Nia Jax once again.

This push is one we will need to continue to watch.

Did Vince McMahon Disown NXT

Survivor Series comes at us in a few weeks, but thus far, there’s been no mention of the black and yellow brand. This raises an interesting question: did Vince McMahon disown NXT?

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, that may indeed be the case.

WWE Revenue Concerns Coming

For anyone paying attention this past week on RAW, you couldn’t miss the fact that there was no NXT inclusion.

As all of the champion versus champion matches were announced, it was strictly RAW versus SmackDown. For the brand versus brand Survivor Series clash, there has been no mention of NXT.

Of course, that does not mean things can’t or won’t change. However, it seems that Vince McMahon is effectively disowning the brand-at least for now.

According to the report, McMahon is distancing himself and keeping the brand out of the loop because they’ve been consistently losing.

As in, AEW Dynamite has pretty much dominated the supposed Wednesday Night Wrestling War.

To be honest, it’s an interesting stance to take, if that is indeed true. Ratings be damned, fans of the brand consistently rave about the content and talent.

Once that same talent lands on the main roster, they almost always have  been busts. While some succeed, many have been wrongly used or changed too much (like, say, Keith Lee).

Some fans are unhappy we may not have NXT on the show. Others are happy.

So, will we see NXT on Survivor Series? Or are they getting the year off?

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