Roman Reigns shocks SummerSlam

SummerSlam has come and gone and has given us a surprise we never saw coming. Roman Reigns shocks SummerSlam to close the show.

Also, as was revealed during the PPV, Keith Lee is coming to RAW tonight.

Roman Reigns Shocks SummerSlam

WWE told us that we wouldn’t see “it” coming at SummerSlam. We found out what “it” was, as Roman Reigns shocks SummerSlam.

That’s right folks. The Big Dog has made his stunning return.

Reigns, who we have not seen since prior to WrestleMania, came into the ring and attacked new Universal Champion Bray Wyatt. He followed that up by taking out former champion Braun Strowman.

Roman Reigns shocks SummerSlam

The return shocked the wrestling world. We truly never saw it coming.

To recap, the Big Dog bailed out of his lined-up WrestleMania title match against Goldberg, at least in part because of health concerns surrounding the ongoing pandemic.

Following his exit, it seemed as though Reigns may have been in some trouble with Vince McMahon.

Based on his return Sunday, those troubles may be way in the past.

It remains unclear if Reigns is coming back as a babyface or a heel, or if it even really matters. By attacking both competitors, Roman Reigns made one thing abundantly clear.

He is back, and his sights are set squarely on another Universal Championship reign.

With Payback already here, just six days away, it seems as though we may be getting Reigns back in the ring very quickly.

It will be interesting to see what details emerge about Roman Reigns’ stunning return. Stay tuned to WrestleNewz as we get more information.

Keith Lee Coming To RAW

If you paid attention, it was a busy weekend for Keith Lee. Saturday he dropped his NXT Championship…Sunday revealed Keith Lee is coming to RAW.

That news came out of Sunday’s SummerSlam broadcast. Late in the show, we got a vignette for the Limitless One.

It was in this segment that we learned Keith Lee will be on RAW tonight.

It will be interesting to see what WWE has in mind for the now-former NXT Champion.

He has acquitted himself quite well since landing in NXT. He has impressed along the way, including a clash with Brock Lesnar in the Royal Rumble.

Now, the impressive big man takes his talents into WWE’s ThunderDome, where he will get to show off on even bigger stages.

With WWE seeking to boost ratings and freshen things up, adding Keith Lee to RAW will be worth watching. Of course, there is that Draft being discussed, so it’s possible Lee isn’t on RAW long.

However, with Keith Lee coming to RAW, his possibilities may truly be limitless.


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