WWE’s 2020 Breakout Stars Revealed! Who Made The Cut?

There are several superstars of which we believe they may become breakout stars in the WWE this year. But who made the cut?

With another WWE year in full swing, there are several wrestlers that could make it big this year. Some are more likely to get additional attention from the company, so we have compiled a list of our personal favorites and most likely choices.

Recently Transformed WWE Superstar Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan to be a 2020 WWE Breakout star?

When it comes to the women’s division, we think there will be a big year ahead for Liv Morgan. While she was in the Riott Squad, she caught the attention of management. It is not difficult to see why. Now, she has received a full transformation by the WWE, but to what end?

Even though Liv Morgan is an excellent wrestler, we have no doubt that her looks have something to do with Vince’s decision to give her a push. Nevertheless, she has the wrestling accummen, so who are we to complain?

While Liv Morgan is still embroiled in a feud with Lana and Bobby Lashley, I except she will move on from that around the summer. Possibly after Wrestlemania? So, I am quite curious to see what the WWE has planned for her.

Paul Heyman Ready To Push Aleister Black

WWE's 2020 breakout stars - Aleister Black

One of the WWE superstars currently favored by Paul Heyman is none other than Aleister Black. After an impressive feud with Buddy Murphy, Black has also caught the attention of World Wrestling Entertainment’s highest echelon. If the WWE is smart, they start building him as an A-list superstar this year.

While his feud with Buddy Murphy was absolutely fantastic, it is time for Black to get into the title picture. At the very least, he should get an opponent of a high caliber. AJ Styles or another established superstar could help Black get higher up on the list. In turn, it can provide him with the perfect route towards the title.

Mia Yim, The Most Unexpected Of WWE’s 2020 Breakout Stars?

Most unexpected among WWE's 2020 breakout stars - Miya Yim

When you think about passion, heart and wrestling accummen, you are talking about Mia Yim. Evidently, she should be high on the list at NXT, but this has not really been the case. Still, I believe this could be the year for Yim.

Mia Yim is a strong favorite among fans. She is also rumored to be in a relationship with the current NXT North American Champion Lee, which only adds to her mystery and popularity.

Yim is the whole package, so Triple H would be silly not to start using her as championship material. I’m certain they do have something for her though, as she appeared in the 2020 Royal Rumble alongside other female NXT wrestlers. Being a fan favorite, Yim could be a strong NXT women’s champion, providing she can get around Rhea Ripley.

Upgrade To The Main Roster For Keith Lee This Year?

Is Keith Lee one of the WWE's 2020 breakout stars?

Now that we have mentioned Mia Yim, we need to look at Lee as well. The wrestler got a massive response from fans at Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble, indicating he may be ready for a main roster upgrade already.

Despite being ready and being massively popular already, we might not see Lee on the main roster until late summer. After capturing the North American Championship from Roderick Strong, he might be in the NXT Championship picture for some time to come. That being said, we know that management can push the upgrade button at any time. So, Keith Lee is certainly one of the wrestlers to watch this year.

Dominant Championship Reigns For NXT Champion Rhea Ripley?

Rhea Ripley to become one of the biggest WWE 2020 breakout stars?

Since Rhea Ripley beat Shayna Baszler and impressed everyone at Survivor Series, everyone has been buzzing about her. She even impressed Ronda Rousey, which is no small feat. Now, she has called out none other than Charlotte Flair for a WrestleMania moment.

Ripley and Charlotte could put the women’s division on an entirely different level this year. Rhea has been an instant hit with the WWE Universe and Charlotte is one of the most decorated female wrestlers in the company. This feud is something I truly hope will happen and I’m actually more excited about this potential match than anything else.

Royal Rumble Winner Drew McIntyre

Royal Rumble Winner Drew McIntyre

I’m actually writing this with lots of giddiness, because I have been waiting for this moment for years. When he won the Royal Rumble this year, I cried, I screamed, pretty much all the emotions under the rainbow. To give you an idea, it was comparable to this fan video from a pub in Manchester.

Despite being fired from the company in the past, McIntyre has returned stronger than ever. After a dominant stint in NXT, he’s finally gotten a golden opportunity and full fan support to boot. It’s a thing of beauty!

Ricochet Set To Be A Top Star?

Ricochet becoming a breakout star in 2020?

Ricochet has been pinned as the WWE’s next top star, although the real opportunities have not yet been given to him. Of course, that does not mean that they will not come in 2020.

After Rey Mysterio declared Ricochet as the new Mysterio, it is clear that there will be a big future for the wrestler in the WWE. He also enjoys the support of none other than Paul Heyman, who makes many decisions as Raw’s Executive Director.

At this point, there is only one small thing that stands in his way. Compared to other superstars, Ricochet is lacking in promo skills. That being said, this is something that can be worked on. Even though promo skills are extremely important in wrestling, you can easily forgive this issue with him because of his outstanding wrestling skills.

World Wrestling Entertainment’s Plans Going Forward

Vince McMahon

Based on the viewership ratings, it is clear that the company needs to focus on making some new superstars. It is no longer enough to count on veterans, no matter how much we love them. In time, all those veterans will be gone. So, who will be left to attract fans to the promotion?

Vince has been preoccupied with XFL, but putting Paul Heyman in charge of Raw has provided some brilliant changes. I hope this continues in 2020 with some new breakout stars.

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