Charlotte Flair Vs. Rhea Ripley?, Riddick Moss On RAW

Is Charlotte set to challenge an NXT Champion at WrestleMania? And how did Riddick Moss end up from unused on NXT to a main roster spot?

Charlotte Flair Vs. Rhea Ripley?

That may indeed be the plan in place as of this writing. Charlotte Flair won the women’s Royal Rumble on Sunday. As the winner, Flair is entitled to a title shot at WrestleMania. Fans figured she would challenge for either the RAW or SmackDown Championships, but that may not be the case. WWE could instead have Charlotte challenging an NXT Champion.

According to some rumblings, the Rumble winner may in fact be in the Orlando area this evening. NXT is live from Full Sail this evening…

Those rumblings were discussed by PWInsider, so there very well could be something to this.

While internet wrestling fans have been clamoring for a possible battle between Flair and new NXT Champion Rhea Ripley, before the weekend that seemed to be a slight pipe dream. Now, however, this may be a very real possibility.

Before Flair won on Sunday, the expectation was that we’d get Shayna Baszler winning the match and facing Becky Lynch. That would be a continuation of their interactions at last year’s Survivor Series. Reportedly, that match is still planned, they just won’t be using a Rumble win to set it up.

Having Charlotte challenge Ripley would be a bit of a bold stroke. With the “new wrestling war” ongoing between WWE and AEW, this could easily be a way to elevate the NXT brand, as well as give a big boost to Rhea Ripley as well.

If nothing else, with the rumors out there that Charlotte could be on NXT tonight, WWE may at least get a ratings boost in the short term.

How Riddick Moss Ended Up On RAW

Over the last few months, WWE fans have seen some NXT talents show up on the main roster, unannounced. These were not huge names or top stars, but their appearances are notable in any case. The latest such appearance happened this past Monday. Riddick Moss joined Mojo Rawley as Mojo’s “offensive lineman”.

According to the WWE website, Moss is now an official member of the RAW roster.

So how did Moss get to RAW, and what’s the deal with these “soft” appearances and debuts?

In the case of Riddick Moss, he was available to RAW because he was not used on anything currently for NXT television. According to a discussion via Wrestling Observer, if someone on NXT is not involved in an active, on air storyline, he or she is able to be called up with short notice. That call up could be just a match or two (like with Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green) or it could be more permanent (as seems to be the case with Moss).

It is an interesting policy and provides the NXT Superstars with some new chances, while giving WWE some roster flexibility.

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