NXT wrestlers likely to win

The upcoming WWE pay-per-view, The Royal Rumble, could have a surprising outcome this year. In fact, many people believe that an NXT wrestler could take the win. So, let’s take a look at our overview of NXT wrestlers likely to win the Rumble!

Our Number 1 Choice For NXT Wrestlers Like To Win The Royal Rumble

Keith Lee, one of the NXT wrestlers likely to win the WWE Royal Rumble

Our number one choice for the male Royal Rumble is Keith Lee. Lee impressed many fans during Survivor Series and WWE brass has started to notice him as well. It could put him on top of the list of potential NXT call-ups. A win at the rumble could put him in that prime position. Keith Lee has been on NXT for a limited time though, so the question remains if a call up this early is the right move for him.

The Leader Of The Undisputed Era Adam Cole

NXT wrestlers likely to win the WWE Royal Rumble

Adam Cole is one of the NXT wrestlers likely to win the Royal Rumble this year. Much like Keith Lee, the WWE developmental talent has impressed many during Survivor Series. As the leader of The Undisputed Era, he could also contribute to a new faction on the main roster.

Despite Cole’s clear talent, I do think his chances of winning the rumble are less than those of Keith Lee. My reasoning for that is simple. His faction has only just started a feud with Imperium and Walter in particular. Unless both get called up at the same time, Cole can continue the feud on the main roster.

Eliminated Too Soon At Survivor Series? – Walter

Is Walter One Of the NXT wrestlers likely to win?

The founder of the faction Imperium, Walter, could be a potential winner at the rumble. Fans were really unhappy when he was eliminated prematurely at Survivor Series. As it led to quite the angry reaction from the crowd, the WWE could be looking for some redemption at the rumble.

Of course, NXT and the WWE face a similar problem with Walter as they do with Adam Cole. Walter is the current NXT UK Champion and his faction is playing a primary role on their UK promotion. So, a call-up at this time is unlikely.

Future Brock Lesnar Rival – Matt Riddle

Is Matt Riddle one of the NXT wrestlers likely to win the Royal Rumble

Matt Riddle has already made his intentions clear, as he wants to enter the rumble. He even posted on social media that there would be trouble if he wasn’t. So, he is likely to make an appearance.

Riddle has also been quite vocal about wanting to take down Brock Lesnar. As Lesnar will be in the rumble and is still lacking a believable opponent for WrestleMania, there is no reason why they should not let Riddle win. Still, management needs to believe in the potential match as well. Fans do already, but management has to follow.

Most Likely Among Female NXT Wrestlers – Shayna Baszler

NXT's Shayna Baszler set to win the Royal Rumble?

When it comes down to female superstars that could be called up to the main roster and win the entire rumble, we simply have to mention Shayna Baszler. After she got dethroned by Rhea Ripley, rumors about an upcoming call-up became more persistent.

Many women on the main roster have their eye on the prize, but the one that has a 90% chance of taking it all is the Queen of Spades. After a dominant reign at NXT, she might be ready for the road to WrestleMania. While NXT will suffer a huge loss with Shayna heading to the main roster, the main roster has all but to gain.

The Genius Of The Skies – Io Shirai

Is Io Shirai likely to win the women's Royal Rumble?

If I would have to choose one that could be a surprise but believable option in our overview of NXT wrestlers likely to win the Royal Rumble, it would have to be Io Shirai.

While the started with a honey-sweet image, things soon turned dark for her when she failed to defeat Shayna Baszler. Io took a trip to the dark side an never returned. Fortunately for us, it gave her character an entirely new dimension.

The darkness that Shirai brings could thrive on the main roster. Her wrestling skill is outstanding too, so she is bound to keep her cool on The Grandest Stage of Them All. So, she could be the “dark” horse in this race and take it all at the Rumble.

The NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley

Will Rhea Ripley be the wrestler to win the Royal Rumble?

The WWE could do a complete 1-80 by letting Rhea Ripley win the Royal Rumble. Evidently, she would be more than capable doing so, as she dethroned one of the most dominant NXT champions in history, Shayna Baszler.

As she is the current NXT Women’s Champion, Ripley does have a big connection to NXT. Arguably, this could reduce her chances of winning the women’s Royal Rumble. Despite this responsibility, it would be stupid to count on Rhea. After all, she is the former UK Women’s Champion and the current NXT Women’s Champion. Her resume speaks for itself.

On the flip-side, there are many women on the NXT roster that will get in Rhea’s way this Sunday, providing they enter the rumble as well. Shayna may be looking for revenge, while others are looking to weaken the current champ.¬† Some women on the main roster will have a bone to pick as well, especially when you think about her win at Survivor Series.

Will An NXT Win Have An Influence On The Main Roster?

Will the main roster be unhappy when an NXT wrestler wins the rumble?

At Survivor Series, the NXT division ruled the pay-per-view. They annihilated Raw and Smackdown in a major way. Now, while fans were loving the amazing matches and the overall outcome, not everyone was excited.

According to rumors shortly after Survivor Series, many superstars on the main roster were unhappy with the win. They still see NXT as a developmental brand, and therefore should not beat them. While nobody from the main roster has really come out with such a statement, rumor has it that this was the general backstage thought .

So, what would happen if one of the “NXT wrestlers likely to win the Royal Rumble” from our overview takes the win? How will it affect the main roster? We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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