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The Undisputed Era is known for their surprises and schemes.  This weekend was no different for the faction either, as they showed up at NXT UK Blackpool II! Of course, their presence will have serious consequences for future storylines.

Undisputed Era Ambushes Walter At NXT UK Blackpool II

Those who attended TakeOver in Blackpool this weekend had the surprise of a lifetime. The faction came to England with one goal in mind, to dismantle the Ring General Walter.

Since his arrival in the WWE, Walter has enjoyed great popularity among the universe. Evidently, the company is looking at cashing in on that popularity by creating a feud with The Undisputed Era. All we can say is that Undisputed has certainly made a powerful enemy.

With their surprise attack, Adam Cole and his associates managed to get the better of Walter. Of course, this invasion will not go unpunished and the Ring General is bound to come up with a plan of attack. We cannot wait to see what happens!

Consequences Of The Attack On Walter


An attack on Walter, and on Imperium in general, does not bode well for Undisputed Era.

Up until now, Undisputed has been draped in gold and remained on the top without much interference. Imperium has been quite dominant in the UK as well, so the attack on Walter could change the landscape of NXT in the United States.

Since his arrival from the indies, everyone is familiar with Walter. Even with fans who watch mainstream WWE. As the company is bound to cash in on this popularity, it could spell trouble for Undisputed.

If Imperium decides to fully invade NXT US, the dominant Undisputed Era may come to an end.

The Austrian wrestler may be the current UK champion, but that does not exclude him from a major role in the US.

Blackpool Crowd Delivers Epic Chant

Walter at NXT UK Blackpool II

Whenever NXT UK TakeOver takes place, you can always expect some extraordinary chants.

After all, the English crowd does have a knack for them.

From chants that called for a replay to “please don’t die,” they were all covered in the Blackpool venue.

The atmosphere at the Blackpool venue was certainly electric.

When you compare the main roster to NXT, there is a big difference in terms of crowd response.

One could argue that the NXT crowd is more passionate about the wrestling happening in front of them. When you look at the NXT crowd across the world, this becomes clear quickly.

Being part of the NXT universe makes you proud to be a fan of wrestling.

I’m sure the same applies for fans who were attending in Blackpool. The  entire event was filled with energy.

The energy did not solely come from the universe though, but also the wrestlers who fed of the reaction of the crowd.

Walter’s victory, the Undisputed Era invasion, the matches with Tyler Bate and the Irish Ace were all moments that will go down in history, despite being on a smaller platform than main roster WWE.

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