Firefly House Delightfully Showcases The Evolution Of Bray Wyatt

Cryptic messages, with a mix of light and dark, this week's Firefly Funhouse continues to showcase the beautifuly eerie evolution of Bray Wyatt.

Another week gone by for Monday Night RAW, and another week where all the WWE Universe can talk about is Firefly Funhouse. Bray Wyatt and his creepy furry creature friends continue to delight fans, and is undeniably the highlight of the Red brand. This week, fans were promised something special, and once again, Wyatt delivered. Begging the question of why the rest of WWE’s storylines can’t be as engaging and as deviously darling as Wyatt and the Firefly Funhouse gang.

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Oh, The Symbolism!

For anyone who missed Firefly Funhouse, the YouTube video is above, and oh the wonderful symbolism relayed this week, on so many levels. It’s hard to even know where to begin, especially with two new puppet characters added to the mix. Let’s start, with the pig in the room; Huskus the Pig Boy, and it’s not hard to see that the chubby charming cutie resembles a character that once graced WWE screens as Husky Harris in the 2010s. Then there was the Boss, a puppet with a striking resemblance to WWE’s Chairman Vince McMahon, with added devil horns and all. All poor Huskus wants to do is eat chocolate all day and be happy, but when the Boss threatens to fire him, Wyatt promises to make things right. Enter: musical montage. Wyatt has him do the “muscle man” dance to get fit and feel good, where everyone partook in a nice little dance that also eerily looks a lot like Vince McMahon’s infamous “Stand Back” dance number, performed at the Slammy Awards, circa 1987. Wyatt would conclude Firefly Funhouse with praise from Huskus about feeling much better, ending the show with some muscle poses that would make Hulk Hogan bat an eyelash or two.

Needless to say, these were just the highlights of symbolism pulled from the segment, as Twitter exploded, and WWE fans, who rarely have praise from anything RAW-related these days, applauded Bray Wyatt and his Firefly Funhouse once again.


Why do people love these segments? They are entertaining, thought-provoking (thanks to all cryptic messaging and Easter eggs placed within), and they pull on history. Wyatt continues to tease an underlying sociopath hidden in a powerfully positive front, as this new kids’ television host character, mixing lightheartedness with the dark elements: in just this week’s epi, demon stars weave as the “muscle dance” video drifted in and out of the segment; Wyatt motioning for Abby the Witch to join, as she shakes her head dramatically, not wanting to participate; and the happy music fades to eerie, when Bray relays “erase your mind”, and his alter-ego The Fiend appears in the background.

Moreover, the interesting thing about all these segments is that it dives into the history of Wyatt, or perhaps Windham Rotunda the man, and all the ways he’s evolved within the WWE via his characters. Previous Firefly Funhouse has dived more into the cult version of Wyatt that fans are familiar with, but this week, we got a taste of his Husky Harris origins; Rotunda’s first gimmick within the company while at NXT, when it was more of a reality show than the developmental powerhouse its known as today.

If there is nothing more the WWE Universe loves, is history; especially long-time fans, but newer audiences love the exposure to it to. It offers of feeling to viewers of “I remember when”, engaging audiences on a level that makes them feel involved in the process thanks to their past with the brand, therefore, making them invested in the current. Wyatt is essentially telling us how he got here, to this point in his story; how he’s evolved from old to new, with secret sprinkles of reality and blurred lines around what happens inside and outside the ring. It’s no secret that VKM loves his main event superstars fit and in fashion, and it never hurts to take a nice jab at Vince, so portraying him as the devil fits the bill; especially with how WWE fans view the Chairman and his crazy antics as of late.

Thank You, Next

What’s next? I’m hoping we see Bray Wyatt live on RAW, and soon. Perhaps all the hype around Super Show Down has prohibited a program or storyline to unravel for Wyatt; however, with SummerSlam around the corner, Bray needs to have more of a live presence, versus video segments. They can stay around; however, Bray needs to start relaying his Firefly Funhouse shenanigans in the ring, or backstage.

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