Bray Wyatt Creates The Ultimate WWE Character – Frightening!

Bray Wyatt has finally revealed the purpose of his firefly funhouse segments and social media is on fire. His future looks bright with this amazing twist.

Bray Wyatt’s firefly funhouse segments have been a subject of much discussion since WrestleMania 35. When the segments were first released, fans could not believe what they were seeing. While the first segment indicated a total overhaul for Bray’s disturbed character, the more disturbing reality got revealed bit by bit.

Bray Wyatt The Children’s Show Host

Bray Wyatt

Creating a memorable character has been difficult for the average WWE superstar, especially when you consider that many fans are constantly aware of backstage news through social media and news websites such as ours. Of course, one man managed to create quite an intricate and interesting character. The proverbial promo king of the WWE, Bray Wyatt.

After a long absence, Bray Wyatt returned with a new look. The Firefly Fun House segment appeared to be a children’s show, with disturbed Wyatt at the helm. Naturally, fans were a little bemused by the whole thing. Some thought it was absolutely brilliant, while others thought it was the strangest t thing they had ever witnessed.

It soon became clear that Wyatt was not just presenting a children’s show, as words such as “sociopath” and a chainsaw were introduced into a recent segment. Now, he has even revealed an even more terrifying face.

About The Firefly Fun House Experience

The director of the firefly Fun House segments has also spoken out about the gimmick and Bray Wyatt himself.

“Bray’s great man. He’s intense. He’s always thinking, and then he’s thinking past what he’s thinking. That man is… what’s that old saying? The razor’s edge between genius and insanity.”

Bray Wyatt has always been one of the better promo guys on the roster, and undoubtedly one of the most creative. Unfortunately, his last gimmick slowly died, so the return of Bray Wyatt with a new character was certainly an interesting idea.

The new character Bray Wyatt has created is quite reminiscent of The Undertaker and Kane, but taken to a whole other level. It is this kind of creativity fans want to see and are interested in, even though it was absolutely bonkers to start with.

Whether you love or hate Wyatt, you cannot deny that his Firefly Fun House gimmick is the most interesting thing happening on Raw at the moment. Even if you believe you totally hate the juvenile nature of the gimmick, don’t you find yourself watching it anyway? That my friends, is an outstanding gimmick. You don’t know whether to love it, hate it, destroy it, or praise it. I love the confusion of it all. The drama and the mystery. Well done! We finally have a character we want to see more of in the nearby future.

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