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Original Scarlett Plans WWE
November 11, 2022
Original Scarlett plans for WWE did not see her being paired with Karrion Kross. And, a superstar should be back shortly from injury.
NXT Promo Cesaro WWE
September 26, 2022
Find out which particluar NXT promo convinced Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli) to leave WWE. And, there was a big SmackDown botch.
whos returning this week
August 12, 2022
It’s time for another SmackDown in a Nutshell, and I cannot help but ask…who’s returning this week to the blue brand!?
Superstars Tease AEW Jump
February 9, 2022
Ahead of this evening’s Dynamite, a pair of former Superstars are teasing an AEW jump. Plus, Ronda Rousey pulled a fast one on some fans.
December 29, 2021
Waiting for Veer? You might want to know why the WWE Superstar’s debut has been delayed. Plus Karrion Kross was thrilled about his release.
Keith Lee Karrion Kross
November 7, 2021
WWE released a bunch of talent days ago. Keith Lee and Karrion Kross were let go and now we are hearing both had heat with the promotion.
Released Huge WWE Cuts
November 4, 2021
There were rumors of huge WWE cuts coming and it happened. Some big WWE names from the main roster and NXT have been released.
Gable Steveson In-Ring Debut
October 8, 2021
Apparently, WWE already has a big idea in mind for the in-ring debut of Gable Steveson. And, could Scarlett finally be headed to TV?
Goldberg John Cena
August 20, 2021
While fans might not want it, Goldberg vs John Cena is a possibility. And, WWE hasn’t medically cleared Scarlett; hence, her absence from TV.
Karrion Kross Scarlet Plans
July 30, 2021
WWE has big plans for Karrion Kross and apparently it involves Scarlet. And, Vince McMahon told investors AEW is not competition.
Concern Over Jimmy Uso
July 8, 2021
Since his third DUI arrest this week, there’s been concern over Jimmy Uso within the WWE. Plus, did Karrion Kross drop a main roster hint?
Top NXT Wrestlers SmackDown
June 20, 2021
Some top NXT wrestlers were spotted at SmackDown and might be main roster bound. And, WWE has announced Bray Wyatt’s return.
WWE obsessed with Karrion Kross
May 7, 2020
WWE brass seems to be obsessed with NXT’s newly acquired talent Karrion Kross. But will this obsession last all the way to the main roster and beyond?
Impact Star Incident At AAA Event + WWE Prospect In Trouble
June 17, 2019
An Impact star got more than she expected when working a match for AAA over the weekend. Also, a WWE top prospect gets arrested.