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Week in and week out, we’ve been told Veer is coming…so why has the WWE Superstar’s debut been delayed? Plus, turns out Karrion Kross might have been thrilled about his release, or at least part of it.

WWE Has Zero Plans For Veer Mahan

If you’ve been watching RAW, you’ve seen the clips hyping us for Veer’s arrival. So why has the WWE Superstar’s debut been delayed?

Turns out…WWE has no plans for him at the moment.


Per Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, the “Veer is coming” vignettes began to air even though creative had no concrete plans for the Superstar at that time.

It is not the first, nor the last time, WWE will have had no plans on how or if to use someone…

The report further indicates that the company was high on Veer, and felt he had the most promise of any of the newer recruits from India.

However, thus far, he has only shown up on RAW via those clips.

Veer has been at RAW, ready to go. He has worked other television tapings to stay sharp.

But, the WWE Superstar’s red brand debut is delayed.


source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

Sapp continued that, while the videos started when there were no plans for Veer, now they are becoming funny. 

And that may mean WWE drags them out longer…because it’s funny to them.

It remains to be seen if this current joke hurts the eventual singles debut for Veer…but it likely won’t help him.

In limited action alongside Jinder Mahal and Shanky, Veer showed potential. Plus, he has an fearsome size and look to him.

We will just have to keep waiting and watching to see how much longer Veer’s debut is delayed.

Superstar Thrilled At Release

2021 was a year that saw WWE let go of a lot of talent. One of them, Karrion Kross, was actually thrilled about his release…sort of.

Specifically, when the company released Kross, they also released his fiancee, Scarlett.

That WWE released them both at the same time had Karrion Kross thrilled about the move.

Now, he probably was not overjoyed that both he and Scarlett were released. He was thrilled that it was not just one of them.

So, in a weird way, but perhaps sort of a sweet way, he was thrilled about the releases.

I can’t say I blame him.

karrion kross thrilled about release

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Scarlett shared the story when she was a guest of Renee Paquette’s podcast.

The pair tend to work in the same spots, so it’s understandable why they’d be thrilled.

As Scarlett said, they were traveling when each got a separate call notifying them of their releases.

The calls happened a few minutes apart, so for a brief time, they were not sure if only Scarlett was a free agent.

Once Karrion Kross got his own call, he was thrilled it was both and not only one.

It wouldn’t be unheard of for WWE to cut one but not both. When Rusev departed, for example, Lana stayed for a good bit after.

When WWE brought Zelina Vega back, shortly after that they released her husband. He now calls AEW home, while she has become a queen in  WWE.

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