Superstars Tease AEW Jump
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

There has been a lot of talk about a big signing, and now former Superstars tease an impending AEW jump. And, Ronda Rousey pulled a fast one on fans during the Royal Rumble.

Former Superstars Tease AEW Jump

Tony Khan has said we will see a new signing tonight on Dynamite…and now a pair of former Superstars tease an AEW jump.

Leading up to this week’s Dynamite, much has been said about the next new addition to the AEW roster.

We first expected to learn this identity last week on Rampage. Instead, Khan confirmed that we will learn who it is tonight…and the new star will be working a match right away.

So who is it?

Well, we’ve seen Matt Hardy and others tease his brother Jeff. However, Jeff Hardy’s non-compete runs through March…unless somehow AEW bought it out?

At the same time, there has been a lot of chatter about two former Superstars-Keith Lee and Mia Yim.

But…there are other former Superstars now free to move on…and now another pair have teased an impending AEW jump.

That duo? Killer Kross and Scarlett.

Superstars Tease AEW Jump

source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

The couple were at a recent autograph signing, and fans asked them about showing up in Atlantic City tonight.

That question may have caught them off-guard, and their response might have revealed that they could be the surprise tonight, per Wrestling, Inc.

Of course, there is nothing stopping all of those talents mentioned showing up, and soon, for AEW.

All have been released, and other than Hardy, every one of them is now a free agent.

As we saw when Bryan Danielson was the expected surprise appearance, we also got the AEW debut of Adam Cole.

Tony Khan only indicated one huge appearance tonight…but is he planning to under-promise and over-deliver?

Ronda Rousey Pulled A Fast One On Fans

In a bit of a surprise, Ronda Rousey pulled a fast one on some of her fans.

The Superstar, who returned during the 2022 Royal Rumble, confirmed the trick after the event.

Rousey is a frequent streamer of video games, and will broadcast on various social media platforms.

She actually had a stream during the Rumble…but it was her attempting to pull a fast one on fans.

ronda rousey pulled fast

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

WINC reported that Rousey admitted to setting up the recorded stream as a way to help keep her Rumble entry a surprise.

Of course, many fans who are on the internet were aware of the virtual certainty that Rousey would enter-and win-the 2022 Rumble.

However, I give her credit for recording a stream and at least trying to fool some of her fans.

More and more, pulling off a surprise Royal Rumble entry (or really, any surprise appearance) is increasingly difficult.

News sites report every move, and fans on social media post sightings constantly. Some performers have been able to be brought in as true surprises, but it’s a challenge.

Even though the word was out in the days prior, kudos to Rousey for at least attempting to convince fans she wasn’t in Saint Louis.


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