Original Scarlett Plans WWE
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Original Scarlett plans for WWE did not see her being paired with Karrion Kross. Also, a superstar should be back shortly from injury.

Original Scarlett Plans In WWE

On the main roster, Karrion Kross and DamienPriest are doing well. Kross has been floating around the main event scene and Priest is busy as part of The Judgment Day.

At one point, none of that almost happened. Before any of them were known to WWE fans, they were almost booked completely different.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall how Kross and Scarlett were not paired together. Instead, WWE was ready to have Scarlett manage Priest. 

“When NXT jumped to cable in 2019, there were some other pitches for her,” said Sapp. “Sources have indicated to Fightful that originally Scarlett was set to manage Damian Priest, as far back as September 2019.” 

“However, Priest didn’t think the fit was good for him and passed on the spot. There were some within NXT that actually thought the act was going to make TV up until the week it was nixed, which we’re told was within the first few weeks of the brand airing on the USA Network.”

“After Priest passed on the idea, Scarlett’s character was put on the back burner until it became clear that Karrion Kross was coming into the company. Those that we spoke to said in retrospect it worked out better for all involved.”

While it is working now, there were problems in the beginning. Remember, this is the second time Kross and Scarlett have been part of WWE.

In NXT, Kross was pushed as a nearly unstoppable heel. The two time NXT World Champion only lost once for the brand and that was to Samoa Joe.

Karrion Kross’ First WWE Run Was A Complete Flop

Before officially joining the main roster, Vince McMahon destroyed Kross’ character. They give him a gladiator gimmick, complete with a ridiculous mask.

In his first match, while still part of NXT, he lost to Jeff Hardy. From there, nothing improved for either superstar.

WWE released them last November as part of budget cuts related to the pandemic. Triple H rehired them and they returned in August.

Since then, Kross has only feuded with Drew McIntyre. That feud could be over after Crown Jewel.

Priest also did well in NXT and has been used frequently on the main roster. The former United States Champion is currently featured weekly as part of The Judgement Day.

Basically, the stable continues to grow each week. They are now feuding with The Club, but also have to deal with Edge, Beth Phoenix and Rey Mysterio.

Superstar Expected Back Shortly

Original Scarlett Plans WWE

Source: @Zona_Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

For most of 2022, Robert Roode has not been on TV. He worked a segment back in June and has not wrestled since then.

We noted back in September how Roode underwent surgery. He uploaded a picture about surgery, but did not go into further details.

It remains unclear why Roode needed an operation.

According to PWInsider, Roode is expected back soon. Also, they mentioned he might switch from RAW to SmackDown.

Before disappearing, Roode spent the last few years teaming with Dolph Ziggler. They even briefly held the RAW Tag Team Championships.

Considering all the changes, maybe he goes back to NXT. Roode was treated better in NXT and the brand needs some veterans to help the superstars of the future.

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