Impact Star Incident At AAA Event + WWE Prospect In Trouble

-Over the weekend, several Impact stars worked a AAA show in Mexico.

One of those stars involved was Scarlett Bourdeaux. She was involved in an incident during her match that was both unfortunate and inappropriate, to say the least. A fan groped her during a spot.

Watch the incident and the star’s reaction here:

It’s never OK for fans to get involved, but it’s always a risk given how close fans can be to performers. WWE saw this go wrong during the Hall of Fame ceremonies this year too.

One troll actually did try to blame it on what Scarlett was wearing. I do believe that fan would have done what he did regardless of what she was wearing, based on the closeness and the opportunity. However, as she said on Twitter, it does not matter what she was wearing, nothing would make that incident OK.

-In other not-so-great news, a WWE prospect finds himself in a world of trouble.

WWE has been keeping tabs on Gable Steveson for a while. The company has been watching Steveson since at least high school. He recently got tutoring from none other than Brock Lesnar.

Now, however, he is getting noticed by law enforcement. He’s been arrested, accused of sexual misconduct. He and a teammate have been suspended following their arrests, per ESPN.

While he will have a chance to explain himself, and perhaps he did not do it, this certainly will cause WWE to look at him differently should he be found guilty.