Concern Over Jimmy Uso
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Jimmy Uso is one of the most popular WWE superstars on the main roster today. He’s also involved in a big SmackDown storyline. Due to his recent DUI charge, there is a concern over the talent, all across the company.

Concern Over Jimmy Uso

WWE has a hard decision to make this week. There’s major concern over Jimmy Uso and his recent DUI arrest.

This is Jimmy’s third time with an arrest of this sort. It’s important to note, he received a “not guilty” verdict for his second DUI arrest in 2019.

Uso’s also part of a huge storyline on SmackDown currently with his cousin, Universal Champion Roman Reigns. As per a report, there is internal heat on Jimmy right now.

Fightful Select is saying that many are disappointed with Uso’s actions. This includes several talents, high-level WWE names, and staff.

Plus, there’s also a concern for him, all across the board. Will this affect his role in the company moving forward?

There’s Concern Over Jimmy Uso, But No Decision

As of this writing, there has been no “official” decision made about Jimmy Uso. It seems unknown what will happen with him, and his storyline on SmackDown this Friday.

The WWE hasn’t offered the normal “talents are responsible for their actions” statement. This might be a flag that the company could step in to do something, this time around.

What will happen to Jimmy Uso on SmackDown? Hard to say, but one talent eager to get into the main roster is Karrion Kross.

Karrion Kross Drops Main Roster Hint

Johnny Gargano and Karrion Kross are booked for an NXT Championship match next week. Kross has also been given main roster “tryout” matches almost weekly for the last month.

Concern Over Jimmy Usos

Source: Craig, Twitter, Screenshot

There’s a notion that Karrion will make the main roster jump, soon. Plus, an NXT promo had fans raising an eyebrow about this.

There was a segment within the Great American Bash. Specifically where Karrion Kross spoke about his dreams of winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

Was It A Hint, Or Something Else?

Kross’s words had fans talking about the main roster jump. Especially with all that is going on with Karrion.

However, Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer Live noted that there was no “meaning” behind the comments. It was just to get people talking.

It seemed like Kross accomplished what he set out to do. The internet did explode after he made the comments.

Both Kross and Scarlett might be on the road to WWE’s main roster. They have been given tryouts.

It’s important to note that Karrion has appeared on Main Event, without Scarlett. Does this mean the duo will part way once they hit the main roster?

Another draft is planned for after SummerSlam. This could see Karrion Kross officially brought up to the main roster.

Fans may also see Scarlett and Kross separated. The two could also be placed on the same brand and as a unit.
It’s a toss-up to what WWE has planned for these superstars. Only time will tell.