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what next naomi sasha
December 17, 2022
With so much being said, what is next for Naomi & Sasha? And wait till you get a load of Jon Moxley’s ear scare.
Sasha Banks Hints Return
December 6, 2022
A trademark filing from Sasha Banks hints a wrestling return. But where will she end up? Plus, Becky Lynch drops an emotional promo after RAW.
Cora Jade Sasha Banks
November 7, 2022
If Sasha Banks does not return to WWE, Triple H sees Cora Jade as her replacement. And, some great news about Otis’ personal life.
Sasha Banks Naomi Return
August 16, 2022
There’s a buzz around a WWE return by Sasha Banks and Naomi. WNZ has more information on this. Plus, some changes to RAW last night.
another big return teased
August 8, 2022
With the women’s tag tournament happening, another big return has been teased. Plus, are plans for one Superstar on hold?
Sasha Banks Naomi Returning
August 1, 2022
There are reports Sashas Banks & Naomi are returning to WWE. And, we are getting confirmation on the type of injury Becky Lynch suffered.
triple h nxt talent
Triple H is now fully in charge of WWE’s creative decisions. With a successful SummerSlam in the bank, what else can Trips do to change WWE?
Brock Lesnar Walking Out
July 29, 2022
A week later and we are learning new details about Brock Lesnar walking out of WWE. And, is there renewed hope Sasha Banks & Naomi return?
naomi roman reigns problems
July 22, 2022
What happens to her remains unclear, but could Naomi’s situation cause WWE some Roman Reigns problems in the near future?
wwe have superstar issues
July 18, 2022
Once again, we are asking…does WWE have Superstar issues specifically in the women’s locker room? And, Jade Cargill makes history.
early returns liv morgan
July 13, 2022
After her first week with the belt, we’ve got some early returns for Liv Morgan. Plus, what’s up with the missing WWE women’s tag titles?
vince mcmahon special meeting
We are hearing news on Vince McMahon’s latest special meeting, plus Naomi posts a cryptic message about her own status.
Sasha Banks Naomi Off
As per a new report, Sasha Banks and Naomi are off WWE’s internal roster listings. Plus, a WWE Board of Directors member, quits.
superstar bummed missed raw
June 29, 2022
Not everyone could be on it, and one Superstar was bummed they missed this week’s RAW. Plus, Hulk Hogan is slammed again.
John Laurinaitis Is Replaced
June 21, 2022
According to a report, WWE’s Head of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis is replaced. Plus, Naomi’s been announced for a non-company event.
suspended superstar changes look
June 15, 2022
Using her time off well, one suspended Superstar changes her look. Plus, it seems WWE quietly drops one tag team angle.
Jaxson Ryker Controversial Tweets
Jaxson Ryker is up to it again by posting some controversial tweets on Twitter. Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler seemingly offers support to Naomi.
wwe problem tag titles
In news that won’t shock, WWE has a problem with certain tag titles. Plus, Chris Jericho’s niece is builled and attacked.