Jaxson Ryker Controversial Tweets
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Jaxson Ryker is no stranger to controversial tweets. As a known Donald Trump supporter, he also got into hot water for social media posts supporting the 45th President’s stance during the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. Recent tweets have landed him in more hot water.

Jason Ryker Posts Controversial Tweets

Ryker was released in November 2021, and many believe it was due to his social media posts. He’s been criticized by fellow colleagues Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Mustafa Ali in the past for his political opinions and tweets.



More recently, the former WWE Superstar jumped on Twitter and offered his stance on homosexuality, gender identity, and abortion with a number of posts, which can be seen above. He sent out a retweet attacking the New York Times for publishing an abortion handbook, which can be seen below.


Jason Ryker – Controversial Tweets – A Fan’s Perspective

Many within the WWE Universe have commented on Ryker’s Twitter posts, and things have gotten heated. While Ryker does have supporters, there are many who aren’t happy with his tweets, too.

Jaxson has been wrestling since 2001, and officially joined TNA in 2010. There, he scored the TNA Television Title, World Tag Team Championship, and won the TNA World Cup in 2014 and 2015.

He entered the land of the WWE in 2017, debuting in NXT that year. He’d jump to the main roster in 2020, but had little success on SmackDown until he was released in late 2021.

Most fans stand with Sasha Banks and Naomi when it comes to their recent walk-out. However, WWE talent has remained quiet on the situation … until now.

Dolph Ziggler Supports Naomi

At the age of 41, Dolph Ziggler is a WWE superstar with a ton of tenure and has “done it all” in the company. He’s been NXT Champion and held the World Heavyweight, the U.S., IC, and a tag team titles, multiple times over.

Jaxson Ryker Controversial Tweets

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He also happens to be a Triple Crown Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank for 2012! In addition, Ziggler is a superstar that is well-liked in the locker room and has a ton of friends backstage.

While most WWE talents have remained hush-hush about the Sasha Banks and Naomi walk-out, Ziggler pulled an interesting move recently. He posted a photo of him and Naomi on social media.

Nothing More To Say …

Even more interesting than posting a picture of him and his friend, there was no caption attached to it. One can only come up with the assumption that this was Ziggler’s way of offering support to Naomi, without doing so in a manner that would land him in trouble.

Having said that, he did reply to some not-so-nice fans who commented on the photo. See below:

Banks and Naomi walked out of the May 16th edition of Monday Night RAW right before it was set to air. They held pivotal roles that night within storylines that were moving towards Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) programs.

Word is that Banks and Naomi didn’t agree with the creative direction of their characters and how the Women’s Tag Titles were being presented. The WWE has since struck down hard on the two ladies for the walk-out with an indefinite suspension.

The company also immediately removed any merchandise related to their characters off WWE.com. Seems like the company wants to send a message not only to Banks and Naomi but to the rest of their talent as well.

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