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How can Triple H put his stamp on WWE right from the get-go? We’ve already seen at least one change, with Becky Lynch becoming a good guy again. 

But what other moves could Trips make to show that WWE is in for a change? Here are a few ideas. 

Keep Tag Teams Together

Vince loved to break tag teams up. But people love tag team wrestling. You can argue that the best matches in WWE right now are coming from tag teams. It is OK for teams to have tension, but having someone turn on a teammate for no reason other than “we need to do something else” isn’t a viable strategy anymore.

Bring Back Sasha & Naomi

Bring them back, and have them remain as Tag Champs. Pretend that the whole thing never happened. The era of petty backstage BS and lessons is over.

Rumors have this already in the works, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they show back up tonight. 

We will see if they show up on Raw or Smackdown this week.

Bring Up More NXT Stars

We don’t need a cavalcade of pointless debuts, but there are a lot of young talents in the developmental brand who could bring some new energy. 

Mix Up The Feuds

I think one of the biggest complaints people have about WWE television is that, too often, we get the same matches over and over again. If you look at NXT, weekly TV has a lot more variety. I think with these five hours of television a week, Triple H and the creative team can think of new ways of building feuds and ending them without having people face each other every week for months on end. 

Toss Out The Script

Vince was a micromanager who had to have every word and moment sketched out beforehand. And while, yes, a lot of wrestlers do need help writing their lines, they don’t need to be reading from a cue card. Trust your talent to inject their personality and flair into a promo. Let your veteran workers call a match on the fly. Putting a new shine on the product will be an instant winner for fans looking for something new. 

What do the fans want? 

Everyone wants Kevin Dunn, and his camera cuts eliminated. 

Of course, some fans just want change for the sake of change. This type of vagueness works because you can hate anything without having to give a good reason.

I think we’d all over Raw to be two hours. But it is three because that is what NBC and USA pay for. I think if WWE could only do two hours, they would. 

Are you excited about Raw? Let us know in the comments below. 

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