Sasha Banks Naomi Return
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Dave Meltzer recently chats about a Sasha Banks/Naomi WWE return during the latest Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast. More on his report, below.

Sasha Banks & Naomi WWE Return

Meltzer reports during his podcast that it’s widely believed that Naomi and Sasha Banks are set for a comeback. In fact, he notes, it’s only a matter of “what week”.

Dave also states there’s a possibility of the women returning right after new Women’s Tag Champs are crowned. This would perfectly set up a program where they are vying for the titles, they “never lost”.

Meltzer also states that the WWE believed it wouldn’t be a good idea to place them in the tournament. This will only build up excitement for when they return.

As seen on RAW, Asuka and Alexa Bliss made it to the next round of the Women’s Tag tourney. This sets up a major match between them and the team of IO SKY and Dakota Kai.

The winners of that match will compete against a team from NXT/SmackDown. Whichever team ends up winning the gold, will open the door for a Banks/Naomi return.

Sasha Banks & Naomi Return To The Red Carpet

Before they return to the ring, Banks and Naomi strolled the red carpet last night. The tag team attended the “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” premiere in L.A.

In fact, Banks posted photos of herself and her partner on social media, at the event. Both were donned in green.

Still, Banks’ hair looked a lot different than it has in recent months. At the premiere, she revealed blonde/balayage highlights, unlike the multi-colored she’s had in recent appearances.

As most know by now, Banks and Naomi walked out of RAW just before it was set to air on May 16th. Their walkout was apparently over creative differences with management.

This was when Vince McMahon was running the show. With HHH running creative, things may be different moving forward.

Speaking of change, things were switched up during RAW’s opening this week. See below.

Opening Of RAW Changes

When VKM announced his retirement this past July, fans could feel a change in the air. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan stepped in as co-CEOs and Triple H is head of creative.

Sasha Banks Naomi Return

Source: @WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Since Trips has been running things on the creative side, fans could feel a change was on the horizon. There’s also been plenty of noticeable changes in WWE pay-per-views, storylines, and explosive superstar returns.

This wave of change continued with the opening of this week’s Monday Night RAW. For fans who may have noticed, the show started off with a new theme song and extended intro.

RAW Opener Highlights Superstars

Superstars like Riddle, The Miz, Ciampa, Theory, Bobby Lashley, and Brock Lesnar were featured, as well as Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, and Bianca Belair. It was a nice addition, as the show continues to evolve under Trips’ leadership.

Last night’s RAW was once again, an excellent watch. From the main event against Theory and Ziggler to the United States Championship match, a tease of Bray Wyatt’s return, and so much more.