Brock Lesnar Walking Out
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A week later and we are learning new details about Brock Lesnar walking out of WWE. Also, is there renewed hope Sasha Banks & Naomi return?

Details On Brock Lesnar Walking Out

A week ago, the wrestling world was buzzing. For several weeks, there had been pressure on Vince McMahon in-wake of several hush money settlements.

Stephanie McMahon become interim CEO of WWE and Triple H also got a promotion. Then, something happened fans never thought would occur.

Vince announced his retirement from WWE, meaning he was completely stepping away from the business. There were tons of reactions, but Brock Lesnar made the most noise.

Last week, we knew Lesnar walked out of SmackDown when Vince made the announcement. WWE were able to convince Lesnar to return before the show concluded.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer went into further details on what happened that evening. Lesnar did leave right after Vince went public with the news.

After several hours, WWE convinced Lesnar to return and he was back in the arena at about 8:30pm. Now, what took place during those hours is still somewhat a mystery.

WWE and Lesnar did come to some sort of deal. There is no word if it involves creative control or more perks.

On top of that, there remains questions about why Lesnar stormed out of the arena. Some say he was angry about Vince leaving and that was his initial reaction.

Did Brock Lesnar Outsmart WWE?

Although, Lesnar is a smart person when it pertains to business. He might have used Vince’s retirement to secure a better deal. 

Losing a top star and Vince in the same evening would spell disaster for a company already reeling.

At the time, SummerSlam was less than two weeks away. Lesnar is in the main event against Roman Reigns, in what is billed as their final match.

“The only person who knows would never reveal what was in his mind when he left,” said Meltzer.

Meltzer continued how WWE was looking at alternative plans if Lesnar did not return. Goldberg was discussed as a replacement for Lesnar.

Upon retuning to the arena, Meltzer noted how Lesnar “seemed very happy.” Whatever happened, only a few people know.

We do know Lesnar takes on Reigns Saturday for the final time. Remember, these two have been feuding since WrestleMania 31.

Sasha Banks & Naomi News

Brock Lesnar Walking Out

Source: @BRWrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Sasha Banks and Naomi made headlines when they walked out of WWE. The two were upset with not being presented properly on TV and left the tag titles behind.

Since then, neither has commented on what occurred. There are some reports that WWE did grant Sasha Banks her release, but it is not confirmed.

With Vince McMahon no long there, the situation might be changing. It seemed like the two were done with WWE.

Now, there is a chance they return as WWE heads into a new direction.

“It’s kind of up in the air,” said Melter on the Sports Illustrated Media podcast. “I mean, they’re gone.” 

“The last I heard was that there would be attempts to be made to reconcile, especially with Vince gone. So, it’s up in the air. I don’t think there’s anything definite just yet.”

Both are talented, but the way they left will rub many the wrong way. If you are not happy, let WWE write you out of their storylines.

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