what next naomi sasha
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With all the scuttlebutt from the week, what is next for Naomi & Sasha? And check out Jon Moxley’s ear scare.

What Next For Naomi & Sasha

Lots has been said about the pair, so what is next for Naomi & Sasha Banks, as of this moment?

It has been quite a roller coaster of news since the duo walked out on RAW earlier in 2022.

At one point, it seemed like there was no chance they’d come back. It wasn’t if, just when they’d be let go.

That included a couple times where some reported they’d been released.

Of course, months later, things are often still murky.

Once Triple H took over Creative, fans hoped the change in leadership would mean a path for Naomi and Sasha to return.

We even heard strong reports at points that both Superstars had indeed resolved things and would be returning “imminently”.

Not anymore.

what next naomi sasha

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

According to reports, Sasha Banks is gone from WWE and will be working in NJPW in early January.

The Wrestling Observer provides some additional information about what is next for Sasha.

Specifically, the report indicates that the long layoff was negotiated as part of her release. It is said that the agreement mandates that Sasha could not wrestle again in 2022.

As for what is next for Naomi? That is still murky.

Per the Observer, Naomi’s future is less clear. It is believed that she wanted to return to WWE with Banks.

That seems to be not happening now, which leaves Naomi with a few options.

She could follow Sasha’s lead, she could keep busy away from wresting, or she could wind up returning.

At this point, if she’s made up with WWE, a return in next month’s Rumble would make sense.

Jon Moxley’s Ear Scare

In case you missed it, the December 16th Rampage gave us a look at Jon Moxley’s ear wound scare.

Now, how could that possibly be a bit cheeky?

If Moxley’s wife, fellow AEW talent Renee Paquette, posts a reminder the morning before the show. That is how.

Check out the post from Friday morning, luring folks to view the taped Rampage.

So, while fans my age or older likely remember Mick Foley losing a chunk of his ear…now a whole new generation of fans gets to be scarred.

At least when Foley lost his portion of ear, it was on a European tour and was mostly talked about, not seen.

With Moxley, his match will be watchable for who knows how long, and in high definition.

what next naomi sasha

source: @drainbamager, twitter, screenshot

Fans of the blood and gore will probably be happy.

As for Mrs. Moxley, she’s probably happy that her husband does still have the whole ear.

If you want to see it, you know now what to look for…but be careful what you wish for.

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