John Laurinaitis Is Replaced
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John Laurinaitis was the Head of Talent Relations for the WWE. That is until he was recently linked to a scandal involving Vince McMahon issuing some “hush” money to ex-employees of the company to keep them quiet. A report now indicates Johnny Ace has officially been replaced.

John Laurinaitis Is Replaced

As per Fighful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp, John Laurinaitis is out as WWE Head of Talent Relations. In addition, his interim replacement is Bruce Prichard.

According to the report, Johnny Ace is on administrative leave. No more information has been provided.

Why John Laurinaitis Is Now Replaced

As reported earlier by WNZ, the Wall Street Journal blew the cover over the investigation currently underway by WWE’s board. Apparently, Vince McMahon had reached a $3 million settlement with a former employee to keep an affair they had, under wraps.

Included in the investigation are claims of other non-disclosure agreements with other ex-female employees. These are made against both Vince and Laurinaitis.

This story continues to unravel as the days go by. Stay tuned for added WNZ updates.

Scandal seems to surround the WWE as of late, and one major one has been the infamous walkout by Naomi and Sasha Banks that took place last month. With that said, an announcement talks about a non-WWE event Naomi is participating in.

Naomi Announced For Non-WWE Event

As most know by now, Naomi and Banks walked out of the May 16th episode of RAW this year. As per reports, they weren’t happy with the creative direction of their characters.

John Laurinaitis Is Replaced

Source: @Jason-Gilliam05, Twitter, Screenshot

They walked out just before the show started, which left WWE creative scrambling. Their walkout not only affected the card and storylines that night but also the next pay-per-view (PPV), Hell in a Cell.

Fans are still buzzing about Banks and Naomi, wondering what the future holds for both female talents. Sounds like there’s some good news for Naomi in the near future.

The Twitter handle @NaomiWWENews reveals Naomi will participate in an up-and-coming E! television series with Kevin Hart. Naturally, Naomi retweeted the post, confirming it all.

Will Naomi Ever Return To WWE TV?

It’s great that Naomi is part of a new a television series, she’ll do a fantastic job. However, will she ever return to WWE TV?

That’s a very hard call at this point. The company is being incredible harsh to both ladies.

Both are dealing with an indefinite suspension, as well as all of their merchandise pulled from In addition, the company actively buries both the women on TV, at every chance given.

With that said, it is likelier that Naomi will return to the WWE at some point. Unfortunately, Sasha Banks’s future with the WWE seems uncertain.

In fact, multiple news sources have stated that Sasha Banks has been released by the WWE. However, the company itself has yet to come out to confirm this.

Still, the WWE is currently quite busy dealing with VKM’s recent controversy, so they may get to it at some point. Only time will tell.