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Superstar Bummed They Missed RAW, Hulk Hogan Slammed Again

Not everyone could be on it, and one Superstar was bummed they missed this week's RAW. Plus, Hulk Hogan is slammed again.

It was a packed show Monday, but one Superstar was bummed they missed RAW. Plus, probably not a shock, but Hulk Hogan is slammed again.

Superstar Bummed They Missed RAW

This week’s show was loaded in order to celebrate John Cena, but one Superstar in particular was bummed they missed RAW.

And, it’s a notable Superstar who was bummed they missed RAW.

As in, she is suspended…and missed RAW for good reason.

While her tag team partner was rumored to be released, and may want to be gone either way (again), it would seem Naomi might regret her actions.

Certainly seems she missed being a part of the red brand, and wishes she’d have been there to say her own thanks to John Cena.

superstar bummed missed raw
source: @naomiwwe, twitter, screenshot

Makes you think perhaps her former partner was onto something back when things blew up initially.

Here’s Naomi’s tweet.

Now, lots of people thanked John Cena during RAW this week. Even some talent no longer working for WWE.

That Naomi posted something doesn’t really mean much for her ongoing suspension.

However, it doesn’t hurt, either. While Naomi is posting things that show she misses being there…her partner is eerily silent.

We have heard rumblings that Sasha Banks and her lawyers were working on her release, if they have not already secured it.

WWE hasn’t confirmed or debunked those reports. But at the same time, there’s been no rumblings of releasing Naomi.

It’s a massive amount of reading between lines, but I see this as something positive as fans wonder if and when we might see Naomi return.

Hulk Hogan Slammed Again

He may be a legend and a Hall of Famer, but he’s also not well-liked, and Hulk Hogan got slammed once again.

Hogan, once one of the most beloved Superstars of all time, has had a massive fall from grace.

Perhaps the most damaging piece against Hogan was his racist remarks caught on tape. It’s not the only black mark against the former Superstar…but it is the most damning.

That situation saw WWE remove Hogan from much of their programming and basically made him a pariah.

He apologized and did what he had to do to make things right, but there are certainly some Superstars who have not, and will not, forgive or forget.

superstar bummed missed raw
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Turns out that it isn’t only limited to Superstars.

Per a story, Dan Ryckert slammed Hogan all on his own.

That’s a name many probably don’t know, but Ryckert has served in a behind the scenes role for WWE, including as a podcast producer.

He has crossed paths with many Superstars, including Hogan.

During an appearance on MinnMax, he didn’t pull any punches.

He said many legends he worked with were absolute pros. Talking about Hogan, however, he called him simply “a terrible person”.

Given all of the evidence against Hogan, I doubt many would disagree.

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