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Michelle Obama has admitted that she “couldn’t stand” her husband Barack for a decade, and now he’s firing back.
January 10, 2023
Sharon Osbourne is giving her thoughts on Michelle Obama admitting that she “couldn’t stand” her husband Barack for many years.
December 28, 2022
Michelle Obama has shockingly admitted that she “couldn’t stand” her husband Barack for ten out of the thirty years they’ve been married.
Obama Daughter Sasha Malia n-word viral video TikTok
October 27, 2020
Barack and Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter Sasha Obama went viral for lip syncing the n-word in an explicit rap song on TikTok.
Malia Obama Pete Holmes
January 28, 2020
Malia Obama was humiliated recently when comedian Pete Holmes cussed her out for disrespecting him at a stand-up comedy show in Massachusetts.
Barron Trump
December 17, 2019
A controversial script that imagines Barron Trump sabotaging his father’s 2016 presidential campaign is gaining traction in Hollywood.
Donald Trump Jr. Jimmy Kimmel Joy Behar Trump children
September 12, 2019
Trump’s children came under attack again Wednesday night when Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel mocked Donald Trump Jr. with a fake action figure.
Joy Behar
September 11, 2019
Joy Behar launched a vile attack on Donald Trump’s children during an episode of her ABC talk show “The View” claiming his family is full of “mediocrities.”
samantha bee emmy award ivanka
July 13, 2018
It was announced on Thursday that “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” was nominated for an Emmy for best Variety Talk Series despite the fact that
Samantha Bee Ivanka C Word
June 1, 2018
Bee showed the world what liberal hypocrisy truly is when she whined to a group of Hollywood elites that the backlash she received was unfair because she only used “one bad word.”
Malia Obama Barack Obama
March 27, 2017
Malia Obama was spotted in a NYC bar, where she accosted a conservative reporter. The reporter was removed while Obama, despite not being 21, stayed.