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It was announced on Thursday that “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” was nominated for an Emmy for best Variety Talk Series despite the fact that the show’s host called Ivanka Trump the “C” word. After the nomination was announced, Samantha Bee gave an interview in which she addressed the scandal.

“You can’t celebrate your victories long. That’s all I’m saying,” Bee said, according to Fox News. “I’ve been thinking a lot about it. We had a scheduled vacation around July 4, and it was a time of reflection.”

Though she clearly crossed the line in her attack on Ivanka, Bee seems to see herself as some kind of victim.

“I do think that being a part of the outrage machine is an inevitability now,” she explained. “That’s a reality everyone has to grapple with — not just me. The level of ferocity is something I hadn’t quite experienced up to that point, but I assume I’ll go through it again. Maybe I’ll be better prepared next time. I think we handled it well, but it was a pretty steep learning curve.”

The fact that Bee is still on television and being nominated for awards is a prime example of Hollywood hypocrisy at it’s finest. Had she called Michelle, Malia, or Sasha Obama a “c***,” Bee’s show would immediately have been canceled and she would be blacklisted in Hollywood. However, since she was attacking a member of the Trump family, Bee has suffered no career consequences and is being given a huge pat on the back by Hollywood.

Bee’s fate could not be more different than that of Roseanne Barr, whose show was canceled after she called Barack Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett an “ape.” Though Barr profusely apologized for the comment, Hollywood has turned its back on her, and liberals are doing everything they can to ensure that she never works again. Bee should have been given this same punishment, yet she still has her television show as a platform to spread her vile anti-Trump hatred.

Ah, the hypocrisy of liberals!

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