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Late night television host Jimmy Kimmel launched a disturbing attack on Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday night when he revealed a new action figure that mocks President Trump’s eldest child.

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump Jr.

Huffington Post reported that Kimmel called the figure “G.I. Shmo”. Kimmel added that the action figure comes with a “spray-on beard, a pile of daddy’s money and a helicopter to shoot elephants from.”

Kimmel’s late night show made a parody commercial for the fake toy. The attack stems from Trump Jr.’s post of a photo of himself promoting a new line of Trump Organization merchandise.

Liberals were quick to mock Trump Jr. for the photo because there was a small stain on his shirt in it.

“A camouflage shirt covered in grease stains. You have to admit, they know their customers,” said Kimmel.

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Kimmel went on to blast the entire Trump family, claiming that they are hypocrites.

“The Trump family still isn’t making their crap in America. After all the talk about American-made this and that, they still can’t spend the extra $2 to have their garbage made here,” Kimmel whined. “In fact, the closest they got with this new line — I went through the site — is this: ‘Decorated in America.’ What does that even mean? ‘Decorated in America.’ Does that mean someone in Florida ironed the patch on?”

Joy Behar Attacks Trump Children

Kimmel’s insults came days after Joy Behar’s similarly disgusting attack on President Donald Trump’s children during a segment on “The View.”

Her attack came as her largely leftwing panel discussed unsubstantiated reports that Trump Jr. and his sister Ivanka are in a “Cold War” of sorts in which they battle for control of their family’s “dynasty.”

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“There’s stories about them being a dynasty — that after Trump is gone, then the next idiot and then the next idiot and then the next idiot,” Behar said, according to Fox News.

“This family is filled with mediocrities. Trump, to his credit, is a hideous, charismatic con man — that has a little potential for something. These other ones have nothing.”

Behar had previously infamously mocked Trump’s youngest son Barron, dismissively referring to him as “that child” on her show.

The President’s Children Should Be Off-Limits

Barack Obama’s daughters, Malia and Sasha, were off-limits when he was in office. Imagine if anyone in media had attacked them the way Kimmel and Behar have gone after Trump’s children?

Without a doubt, the perpetrator would have been fired and blacklisted in the industry. Immediately.

Since Jimmy Kimmel and Joy Behar are targeting President Trump’s children, however, the leftwing entertainment industry is not punishing them in any way.

The hypocrisy of liberals truly is a sickening sight to behold.

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