Leftwing nitwit Cher hit a new low on Thursday when she went after President Donald Trump’s sons, writing on Twitter that they “aren’t worth a damn.”

The singer called the boys the “let them eat cake” Trumps and said that they “aren’t worth a damn” simply because they support the practice of hunting. She included screenshots of photos and news stories about Trump’s sons participating in big game trophy hunts. Cher also included a photo of Google searches pertaining to Ivanka Trump’s connections to China.

This comes days after Cher launched an attack on Ivanka on Twitter over China, calling her and her father the “first family who commits treason.”

During Barack Obama’s presidency, his daughters Malia and Sasha were considered off-limits to attacks from the public, and anyone who dared to criticize the first daughters in any way was promptly shamed by the leftwing media and even accused of racism. This same courtesy has not been applied to Trump’s children, however, as even his youngest son Barron has found himself being mocked by leftists at every turn.

It’s sad that Cher has allowed her Trump derangement syndrome to get to the point where she is now attacking the president’s children. Disliking Trump is one thing, but launching deranged attacks on his children is another. With the economy booming thanks to the current president, Cher and her fellow Hollywood liberals are running out of things to attack Trump over, so they have resorted to bashing his kids. In the end, all Cher is accomplishing by doing this is showing the world what a pathetic person she is herself.

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